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maths aptitude test questions and answers pdf in tamil

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Each GA paper consists of 10 questions of 15 marks. GATE is a computer-based test conducted to screen the candidates either to offer admission into M. Download now! Here, we have provided the previous year general aptitude GATE questions papers along with solutions. Candidates can refer to the following table to check GATE aptitude questions with solutions for , and

TNPSC Maths Study Materials – Mental Ability Reasoning & Aptitude Questions

Note : Detailed answers for the questions are given below each question. If any of the answers are not displaying, try by reloading the page. E is not at the end of any row. D is second to the left of F. C, the neighbor of E, is sitting diagonally opposite to D. B is the neighbor of F. After Interchanging seat with E, who will be the neighbors of D in the new position? What is the average speed of the train.

A can do a piece of work in 20 days and B can do it in 15 days and c can finish it in 25 days, then how long will they take to complete the work? Nishu and Archana can do a piece of work in 10 days and Nishu alone can do it in 12 days. In how many days can Archana do it alone? A and B undertake to do a piece of work for Rs. A can do it in 5 days and B can do it in 10 days. With the help of C, they finish it in 2 days. How much should C be paid for his contribution? In the following figures two six fold cubes are given.

Each side of the cube is painted as shown in these figures. Studying the arrangement of colours tell when Blue colour is on top which colour will the bottom have? Given below are three different positions of a dice. Find the number of dots on the face opposite the face bearing 3 dots. If the sum of the digits of a number is divisible by 3.

Then the number is divisible by 3. Directions Q. The following information concerning the winners was released:. Which of the following could be the ranking, from sixth place through first place, of the six students?

A and B are married couple. X and Y are brothers. X is the brother of A. How is Y related to B? N is brother of B b. N is brother of D c. M is brother of B d. D is brother of M. What number should come in the place of question mark? Hi, The answer of Question 8 is Correct. Its not wrong. Can you explain how you solved this sum, We will explain you whether you can do in that way. Oopsss… Sorry sir.. It was my mistake.. Greetings to your team, Your test series are very useful to me.

Please upload a aptitude videos in topic wise, it is easy to understand. Please upload soon. Your email address will not be published. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Integrated Preparation. A and F. A and E. C and A. B and E. If a number is divisible by 9, it can be divisible by 3 also. So, only check if a number is divisible by 9 and M is brother of B. August 19, Hari Prasath June 21, at pm Reply. Sree January 3, at pm Reply. Hi, Could you please mention how the 20th question was solved?

Manikandan January 21, at am Reply. Leave a Message Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search for:. Rated 5. Rated 4. Rated 3. Message Us! Academy All Rights Reserved.

SAT Sample Papers 2021: PDF and Practice Papers

Indrita Ganguly. Content Curator Updated On - Mar 3, SAT Practice Papers are regarded as the best method of preparation. Authentic test materials like SAT sample paper PDF from the official guide offer the best experience since it consists of every type of question. Solving previous year's question papers and SAT exam sample papers PDF with answers will be a great help in the preparation for the exam.

You will get 25 marks from that Aptitude and Mental Ability portion. Students who are preparing for the Group 2a exam concentrate more on the maths part. For students benefit we upload aptitude and mental ability English and Tamil questions and answers in PDF for download. TNPSC aspirants can download and use it for the group 2a exam. Simplification 3. Percentage 4.

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Note : Detailed answers for the questions are given below each question.

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