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Moses Hess, Love, and “True Socialism”

Moses Hess, a fascinating 19th-century German Jewish intellectual figure, was at times religious and secular, traditional and modern, practical and theoretical, socialist and nationalist. Ken Koltun-Fromm's radical reinterpretation of his writings shows Hess as a Jew struggling with the meaning of conflicting commitments and impulses. Modern readers will realize that in Hess's life, as in their own, these commitments remain fragmented and torn. As contemporary Jews negotiate multiple, often contradictory allegiances in the modern world, Koltun-Fromm argues that Hess's struggle to unite conflicting traditions and frameworks of meaning offers intellectual and practical resources to re-examine the dilemmas of modern Jewish identity. Adopting Charles Taylor's philosophical theory of the self to uncover Hess's various commitments, Koltun-Fromm demonstrates that Hess offers a rich, textured, though deeply conflicted and torn account of the modern Jew. This groundbreaking study in conceptions of identity in modern Jewish texts is a vital contribution to the diverse fields of Jewish intellectual history, philosophy, Zionism, and religious studies. Jewish Literature and Culture -- Alvin H.

Jewish Post,Indianapolis, Marion County, 28 May 1948 — Page 5

This article will be permanently flagged as inappropriate and made unaccessible to everyone. Are you certain this article is inappropriate? Email Address:. Hess was born in Bonn , which was under French rule at the time. In his French-language birth certificate, his name is given as "Moises"; he was named after his maternal grandfather. He was an early proponent of socialism , and a precursor to what would later be called Zionism. He married a Catholic working-class woman, Sibylle Pesch, in defiance of bourgeois values.

Moses Hess was born Moritz Hess in Bonn in When his father died in , Hess used his inheritance to marry a prostitute, in defiance of social norms. Hess was originally an assimilationist Jew who turned first to utopian and then to scientific socialism. Hess was a friend and collaborator of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. He played a an important role in transforming Hegelian dialectical idealism theory of history to the dialectical materialism of Marxism, by conceiving of man as the initiator of history rather than as a mere observer. Hess was probably responsible for several "Marxian" slogans and ideas, including "religion is the opium of the people.

Julius Grodinsky, president of the Philadelphia chapter of the American Council for Judaism this week denounced Rabbi Louis Wolsey for his demand that the Council dissolve. Grodinsky said. It expressed the hope that the Zionist movement and the Provisional Government of Israel would make clear the complete severance—political and national—of Jews who are citizens of other nations, from the new state in Palestine. Rosenwald, president. Grodinsky said, adding he was shocked when he first learned of the Wolsey demand. Hays Solis-Cohen, Mrs.

Discovering Isaiah Berlin in Moses Hess’s Rome and Jerusalem

The book analyses the ideological and philosophical basis of Zionism, i. Another problem discussed in this book is how the religious idea of "Return to Zion" became both philosophical and political goals. All considerations are based on the analysis of the source texts of the protagonists and founders of Zionism Hess, Pinsker, Herzl and Nordau. Zionism is also shown in the perspective of its strength and weakness, as well as its importance for Jewishness in general. It was connected with social changes initiated by the French Revolution and the advancing emancipation of the Jewish community.

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Chapter I. Moses Hess and the Shabbat of History

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