Pdf Vehicle License Plate Recognition Based On Extremal Regions And Restricted Boltzmann Machines

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pdf vehicle license plate recognition based on extremal regions and restricted boltzmann machines

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Effective date : An example method of recognizing characters in video data includes i Obtaining a binary image from a scene in video data; ii segmenting characters in the binary image e. The method may be incorporated into an existing video system or newly developed video systems to perform character recognition tasks on a variety of different objects.

This disclosure relates to optical recognition methods and systems and more particularly, to an intelligent camera for character recognition. Most image processing systems for industrial applications and video surveillance are still based on a personal computer PC , a frame grabber and a separate CCD camera. PC based vision systems for traffic surveillance have been described in the prior art. In contrast to PC based systems intelligent or smart cameras are recently becoming more popular, since they offer several advantages.

US6553131B1 - License plate recognition with an intelligent camera - Google Patents

License plate detection LPD is the first and key step in license plate recognition. State-of-the-art object-detection algorithms based on deep learning provide a promising form of LPD. However, there still exist two main challenges. First, existing methods often enclose objects with horizontal rectangles. However, horizontal rectangles are not always suitable since license plates in images are multi-oriented, reflected by rotation and perspective distortion. Second, the scale of license plates often varies, leading to the difficulty of multi-scale detection.

The core technology of the system is built using a sequence of deep Convolutional Neural Networks CNNs interlaced with accurate and efficient algorithms. The CNNs are trained and fine-tuned so that they are robust under different conditions e. For quantitative analysis, we show that our system outperforms the leading license plate detection and recognition technology i. ALPR on several benchmarks. In the past, there has been considerable focus on license plate detection [ 1 , 2 , 3 ] and recognition techniques [ 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 ]. From traffic and toll violations to accident monitoring, the ability to automatically detect and recognize plates is one of the key tools used by law enforcement agencies around the world. Contrary to popular belief, license plate detection and recognition is still a challenging problem due to the variability in conditions and license plate types.

License Plate Detection and Recognition Using Deeply Learned Convolutional Neural Networks

Show all documents In the proposed system the binary images were obtained using sobel gradient information. The characters were recognized by neural network using the features extracted. Binarization and grouping performed by Hough transformation had impact on the performance of the model. Guo et al. Two different localizations methods on color information and texture of the license plates were proposed. Tian et al.

Top PDF License Plate Character Recognition using Riesz Fractional and Convolutional Neural Network

Recognizing car license plates in natural scene images is an important yet still challenging task in realistic applications. Many existing approaches perform well for license plates collected under constrained conditions, eg, shooting in frontal and horizontal view-angles and under good lighting conditions. However, their performance drops significantly in an unconstrained environment that features rotation, distortion, occlusion, blurring, shading or extreme dark or bright conditions. In this work, we propose a robust framework for license plate recognition in the wild.

Multi-Oriented and Scale-Invariant License Plate Detection Based on Convolutional Neural Networks


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