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cloud computing and health case ieee papaers 2017 pdf

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Metrics details. The Internet of Things has the potential of transforming health systems through the collection and analysis of patient physiological data via wearable devices and sensor networks. Such systems can offer assisted living services in real-time and offer a range of multimedia-based health services.

Fog computing FC is a new field of research and has emerged as a complement to the cloud, which can mitigate the problems inherent to the cloud computing CC and internet of things IoT model such as unreliable latency, bandwidth constraints, security and mobility.

Fog computing in health management processing systems

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Factor analysis is used to summarize the information contained in the original items into a smaller set of new dimensions and Quartile analysis is suggested to determine the most critical items. Most of the critical items are associated with the transparency and accuracy in correcting errors, the company's interest in solving customer problems, SaaS application's ability to meet business requirements, implemented updates and regularity of service performance. The term 'cloud' is derived from the idea of access of businesses and users being able to access applications from anywhere in the world on demand Low et al. Several companies e. By , more than 78 percent of workloads will be processed by cloud data centres 22 percent will be processed by traditional data centres , and, 59 percent of the total cloud workloads will be SaaS workloads, up from 41 percent in Cisco, In practice, the services offered by clouds can be grouped into three main categories Zhang et al.

Tracking Knowledge Evolution in Cloud Health Care Research: Knowledge Map and Common Word Analysis

Doctoral Consortium submission deadline: February 14, February 19, extended. Notification to authors and registration opening: March 15, Camera-ready copy deadline for all paper types: April 7, Author registration deadline: April 7, Office :. Webmaster :.

In this paper, we discuss important research tool related to health information sharing and integration in HC and investigate the arising.

Cloud Computing

It licenses customers to scale here and there their assets utilization relying on their necessities Because of this, under arrangement and over Survey on Cloud Computing and Data Masking Techniques free download ABSTRACT Cloud computing is a technology, which provides low cost, scalable computation capacity and services to enterprises on demand for expansion. Although, cloud computing is facilitating the Information technology industry, the research and development Survey on Three Components of Mobile Cloud Computing: Offloading, Distribution and Privacy free download Abstract Mobile Cloud Computing MCC brings rich computational resource to mobile users, network operators, and cloud computing providers. It can be represented in many ways, and the ultimate goal of MCC is to enable execution of rich mobile application with Ethics and Trust. A Literature Review on Cloud Computing Services free download Even though security issues when using cloud computing services have been looked at from a technical perspective, research has failed to explain why consumers use cloud services extensively despite their distrust. Observations have been made that users are in a dilemma Security Issues for Cloud Computing [3] free download Abstract Cloud computing is a new computing model which is widely emerging technology in the recent years is adopted by most of the IT companies and other organizations.

With the continuous development of the internet and the explosive growth in data, big data technology has emerged. With its ongoing development and application, cloud computing technology provides better data storage and analysis. The development of cloud health care provides a more convenient and effective solution for health. Studying the evolution of knowledge and research hotspots in the field of cloud health care is increasingly important for medical informatics. Scholars in the medical informatics community need to understand the extent of the evolution of and possible trends in cloud health care research to inform their future research.


Currently, technology greatly benefits the area of healthcare. Modern computers can quickly process a large volume of patient health records. Due to recent advances in the area of Internet of Things and healthcare, patient data can be dispersed in multiple locations. As a result, scientists have been proposing solutions based on Cloud Computing to manage healthcare data. However, suchs solutions present challenges regarding access latency, context-awareness, and large volumes of data.

Silva, Gibeon S. Melo, Dannylo J. In this context, approaches based on Cloud Computing have been used to store and process the information generated in these solutions. However, using Cloud can create delays that are intolerable for medical applications. Thus, the Fog Computing paradigm emerged as an alternative to overcome this problem, bringing computation and storage closer to the data sources. However, managing medical data stored in Fog is still a challenge. Moreover, characteristics of availability, performance, interoperability, and privacy need to be considered in approaches that aim to explore this problem.

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cloud computing 2017 IEEE PAPER

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cloud computing 2017 IEEE PAPER

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