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laboratory and field testing of unsaturated soils pdf

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For waste facilities, field assessment of the hydraulic conductivity of fine- grained soils has been a real challenge for the past decades that has led to several types of test methods. The type of apparatus, its geometry, and even specimen preparation may be major sources of discrepancy. We compared hydraulic-conductivity values obtained from various field-testing methods open, sealed, single and double infiltrometers, and borehole methods , and laboratory-testing methods such as oedometer cells or rigid and flexible-wall permeameters. Three materials were tested in this study: a compacted sandbentonite mixture, compacted clayey silt, and natural sandy clay. The field tests were run on soil-test pads whose characteristics were defined beforehand in the laboratory and the field. Comparison of the results shows a large range of hydraulic-conductivity values for a single soil sample.

Chiu, C. Three series of triaxial tests have been conducted to investigate the behaviour of loosely compacted fill in Hong Kong. These series included consolidated undrained tests on saturated samples, constant water content tests on unsaturated samples with suction measurements and shear tests on unsaturated samples subjected to a constant total stress with a decreasing suction. The last series was conducted to simulate field stress paths during rainfall infiltration. The test results showed that the shear-induced volumetric behaviour of a loosely compacted fill seems to be stress path dependent. Dilative behaviour was observed from consolidated undrained tests conducted on saturated samples even though their initial states lie above the critical state line. On the other hand, compressive behaviour was observed from the constant water content tests on unsaturated samples.

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Request PDF | Laboratory and Field Testing of Unsaturated Soils | The state-of-​the-art report presented herein is aimed at documenting, to the.

Laboratory And Field Testing Of Unsaturated Soils | Robert

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Partially saturated or unsaturated are named these soils in which the voids are occupied partially by water and partially by air Figure 1. As such, an unsaturated soil consists of three phases, a solid phase soil grains , a fluid phase pore water and a gas phase pore air. While the soil grains and the water are considered practically incompressible, air is very compressible i. Due to this peculiarity, unsaturated soils exhibit totally different behaviour compared to dry and saturated soils and this is the reason why the laboratory testing of these soils is unique. Partially saturated soils thereafter mentioned as unsaturated soils can be found in any place of the world; in fact, almost any soil can exist in an unsaturated state when it is subjected into evaporation and some of the pore water is replaced by air.

Laboratory and Field Testing of Unsaturated Soils

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