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Nursing Knowledge in the 21st Century: Domain-Derived and Basic Science Practice-Shaped

Too often we dismiss philosophy as something obscure that has nothing to do with our practice. It is true that much contemporary academic philosophy is criticised for being very technical, narrowly focused and detached from human concerns Norris But this is not how we understand philosophy in Careful Nursing. Our aim is to think philosophically about nursing ideas and how we practice. Implicitly, we think philosophically about nursing every day without realising it, for example, every time we reflect on our practice, question our practice or wonder what components of our practice actually mean.

Nursing Science

As nurses, we seek to better understand how to apply nursing knowledge in our daily practice. Nowadays, the term philosophy is widening used in many areas, including nursing. However, there is existence of unclear understanding about nursing knowledge development derived from standpoint of philosophical and methodological perspectives. This article discusses about this issue and mainly focus on empiricism, post positivistic view, the philosophy of Buddhism and an example related to asthma. Bruce, A. Nursing and Health, 2 3 ,

Nurses when assisting a patient in an emergency situation, or in any other circumstances, act putting into action, learned knowledge and experienced, personal skills such as intuition and scientific principles resulting from the research. They do it, according to the person, the situation and the context, considering the best way to do this and the possibility of implementation within an ethical perspective. When these nurses find solutions to problems that arise in a process of reflection in an action and reflection on the action, are acquiring own nursing knowledge that when systematized - in a process of reflection on the reflection in an action - shared and validated by their peers turns into nursing science. Nursing being a human science, is a discipline oriented to the practice, established on the development of a care relationship between nurses and users, in a perspective of health and wellness 1. A practical human science with a practical-reflexive rationality distinguished from a technical rationality , within an epistemology of practice as distinct from a classical epistemology , whose specific knowledge turns into hermeneutical spiral processes 2.

Susan A. This article addresses wisdom-in-action for nursing practice. We briefly describe nursing theory , review the wisdom literature as presented in various disciplines, and identify characteristics of wisdom by analyzing four models of wisdom from other disciplines. We also present the ten antecedents of wisdom and the ten characteristics of wisdom identified in our analysis of the wisdom literature, discuss and summarize these antecedents, and conclude that understanding these ten antecedents and the ten characteristics of wisdom-in-action can both help nurses demonstrate wisdom as they provide nursing care and teach new nurses the process of becoming wise in nursing practice. Citation: Matney, S. Keywords: wisdom, knowledge, informatics, concept analysis, antecedents of wisdom, characteristics of wisdom, wisdom-in-action. Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?

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Toward an Understanding of Wisdom in Nursing

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Join NursingCenter to get uninterrupted access to this Article. I commend Ms. Valentine for her thoughtful examination of the integrated practice model and agree with her conclusion that the integrated practice model has many strengths but must now evolve to keep pace with a rapidly changing healthcare environment. I was equally pleased to see Ms. Virginia Lynch concur with Ms.


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Nursing Science

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Mark Risjord, Nursing knowledge, science, practice and philosophy. Wiley-​Blackwell, Chichester, , pp., $(paper), ISBN:

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