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David R. Sear - Roman Coins and Their Values Vol.2

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Ancient Roman Coins. Piot Cuvell. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Dear Collector, Collecting ancient coins can be both awe-inspiring and exciting.

Imagine owning a coin struck before the time of Christ and actually holding it in your hand, instead of looking at it in a museum case. Sundman collectors in the field, and will help President, Littleton Coin Co. One of the wonderful features of Imperial coins is that they bear the portraits of the emperors who issued them over 1, years ago. In fact, some rulers are only known to us today because of their portrait coins, and sometimes these coins provide archaeologists with a means of dating a site.

People have collected ancients for centuries The collecting of ancient coins has been going on for nearly as long as coins have been in existence. Alexander the Great gave coins to his friends, and Augustus collected them.

Happy collecting, David M. Gordian I A scarce issue of the short-lived emperor who ruled less than a month. As one of the wealthiest in the empire, he reluctantly accepted the title of emperor when he was about To assist the reader in coin identification, every effort has been made to present actual-size photographs. How popular is ancient coin collecting? European monarchs and even popes have assembled impressive collections since medieval times and ancient coin reference books date back to the s.

Many people shy away from collecting ancient coins because they think they are complicated. But ancients are the basis for all modern coinage — the majority have an obverse and reverse design. And Roman Imperial coins have portraits, making them very similar to U.

Most collectors choose coins based on obverse designs, but some enjoy collecting various reverses. While it is possible to collect coins from nearly all of the Roman emperors, some are difficult to find because the emperors only ruled for a short time.

Usurpers and self-proclaimed rulers also struck coins, and many of these are quite rare. How can some ancient coins be so inexpensive? Ancient civilizations issued coins from about B. And there were hundreds of mints spread over a much larger area. Since there were no banks, coins were usually buried — and for various reasons, many were never retrieved. Numerous hoards have been found in lands of former ancient empires, especially since the advent of the metal detector.

Compared to people collecting U. How do you know if coins are authentic? Ancients have been studied and collected throughout the world for many centuries. Expertise in this field has been developed over a long period of time.

All ancient coins offered by Littleton have been carefully examined by our experts and are guaranteed genuine. How are the coins acquired?

Littleton obtains ancient coins from leading specialists throughout the world. All coins have been legally imported into the U. Who grades the coins and by what standards? Ancient coins offered by Littleton are obtained from leading specialists in the field.

They are then graded by our in-house experts following standards for 4 LittletonCoin. This method differs from grading of modern issues due to the nature of coin blanks, minting processes, compositions and age. Ancient coin blanks were usually uniform in weight but irregular in shape.

Because most were hand struck using dies and hammers, centering of the design and quality of the strike are factors in grading. In addition, the metals used and the aging process up to 2, years or more affect the appearance and finish of the coins in all grades — so grading standards are unique for individual issues. Have the coins been cleaned? Unlike modern issues, it is usually necessary for experts to clean ancient coins. As most are found in buried hoards, nearly all have been cleaned, even rarities worth thousands of dollars.

Experts clean the ancients we offer using a variety of techniques employed by world-class museums and leading coin authorities. Coins should never be cleaned, except by experts. How were ancient coins minted? The earliest Roman coins and some Biblical issues were cast molten metal poured into molds and allowed to harden.

Ancient Roman coins were cast until about B. The design of one side was carved into a metal disk or die which fit into an anvil, and the design of the other side was carved into the base of a metal punch.

A coin blank was placed on the die in the anvil, and the punch was placed over it. With one or more sharp blows of a hammer, a coin was made as a result, ancients are sometimes weakly struck, off center or double struck.

What sizes and denominations are the coins? While ancients can range in diameter from the size of a pea to the size of a silver dollar, there were general size standards for various denominations.

Among the most familiar ancient Greek coins are the stater, drachm and tetradrachm equal to four drachms. The most familiar ancient Roman silver coin for centuries was the denarius, which was followed and replaced by the antoninianus. What is on the reverse of the coins? The earliest Greek coins are uniface a design only on one side with a punch-mark reverse , but most depict mythological figures and images on both sides.

What coins are classified as ancient? The earliest coins are attributed to Lydia in Asia Minor about B. The as, the basic unit, functioned like our penny. And like our penny, through inflation, it experienced a loss of buying power. AS: Initially, the as was cast in bronze. Later, with reduction in weight, it was small enough to be struck with coin dies. By the rule of Valerian and his son Gallienus in the middle of the 3rd century, the as was infrequently struck.

Though this brass coin was more yellow in color, it was still easily confused with the as. Under Nero A. Its large size allowed emperors to commemorate victories, triumphs or virtues as rulers. By the 3rd century A. Because of the chaotic state of the empire, it rapidly underwent changes, decreasing in size and weight.

Under Constantine, it was gradually reduced and replaced. It was used for over years, and about 25 denarii equaled one gold aureus. It depicted the emperor wearing a laurel wreath. It is named for him: M. Finally, it was abolished during the reign of Constantine the Great A. In time, the weight was reduced and minting stopped all together around A.

First issued regularly under Julius Caesar around 46 B. Although it was reduced in weight through time, the gold content remained consistently high. The aureus circulated until A. This coin, later struck by the Byzantine Empire, endured for seven centuries as a circulating gold coin used for commerce in Europe.

The inscription not only named the current ruler, but also proclaimed the legitimacy of his authority. COS: Consul, a title linked to highest office in Senate, usually held by emperor.

CAES: Caesar. PO: Pontifex Maximus. Inherited name of Highest priest. The head the Julian family of state religion. Julius Caesar. Tribune of the people. Each IMP: Imperator victorious renewal indicated by numerals. The crown worn on imperial coins is one of the many ways of identifying the denomination and possible date of issue.

Laureate: Emperor wears a wreath of laurel, oak or ivy branches.

Ancient Roman Coins

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Discard the lighter coins, and weigh 2 coins against 2 coins. There is a Panasonic Capacitor solution for every application. Magic Tricks, Inc. Sear, 2nd edition, revised and enlarged. The Coin Machine Journal is an coin-op industry publication publised between and Coins A Answers What is the value of each set of coins? Mint started issuing proof coins in quantity around

The original edition of this volume was published by Seaby thirtysix years ago and has been DAVID R. SEAR Read Online · Download PDF Roman Coins and Their Values has, over the years, established itself as the most popular.

David R. Sear - Roman Coins and Their Values Vol.2

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Ancient Roman Coins

Brief excerpts may be published without prior authorization for the purposes of review and evaluation. Quantity discounts of this book are available. Requests to the Publisher should be directed in writing using the contact information provided above. Sear, David L. Photography credits listed in the end section. Typesetting by Publication Services, Inc.

As many visitors to this site will already be aware, I have authored an extensive series of books over the past four and a half decades aimed at covering the entire spectrum of ancient numismatics, from the beginnings of coinage in western Asia Minor around BC to the fall of the Byzantine Empire in My goal has been to present seemingly complex subject matter in a simple and usable form, and thereby encourage people to take up a hobby which can provide endless fascination and ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of our past. I have had the gratification of hearing from many numismatists over the years that my books were responsible for their initial involvement in the subject. Many of these works are still available in their most recent editions and I invite you to order them directly from me.

The original edition of Sear's Roman Coins and Their Values was published by Your institution does not have access to this book on JSTOR. David R. Sear.

Libro nuevo o segunda mano, sinopsis, resumen y opiniones. Their experts closely examine these coins to provide accurate information and precise grades. Browse our selection of Ancient Roman coins and see what artifacts and history you can add to your collection! Descargar ebooks gratis para llevar y leer en cualquier lugar. She stole the coins, went to the window and put the coins in her friend hat.

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