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types of printers and their advantages and disadvantages pdf

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Each printer has different pros and cons which make it more suitable for one task, and perhaps less suitable for another task. Generally, printers can be divided up into different categories depending on their mechanisms. Inkjet printers are likely to be a better choice for people using printers at home , whilst laser printers are better for business and office use.


By the end of this article you will be able to understand the printing potential by looking at the various types of printers , Advantages, and disadvantages of printers, the difference between impact and non-impact printers , and which is suitable for home usage, etc. Printers have created big things. Prints are also referred to as hard copy as the data are physically accessible and are a more permanent output type than the one displayed in the VDU Visual Display Unit. An impact printer forms characters and images on a piece of paper by hitting an ink ribbon mechanism that contacts the paper physically. A non-impact printer forms characters and graphics on a piece of paper without hitting the paper.

Types of Printers

Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. WWE 2K17 is an imposing fighting and sp There are two types of printers. An impact printer makes contact with the paper. It usually forms the print image by pressing an inked ribbon against the paper using a hammer or pins. Following are some examples of impact printers.

Types of Printers and Their Advantages – Updated for 2020

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Take a look at the guide below to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of printers on the market, from laser printers to inkjet and everything in between. The laser printer was developed by Xerox in the s when the idea of using a laser to draw images onto a copier drum was first considered. Laser printers are still widely used in large offices as they are traditionally more efficient than inkjet printers. Solid ink printers utilise a unique form of ink technology, designed to save space and money on packaging. The printers melt solid ink sticks during the printing process — a method which can help produce more vibrant tones.

Advantages and Disadvantages in Types of Printers

Printers are the most commonly used and popular output devices.

When buying a printer for your business, the choice is primarily between one of two types: inkjet or laser. An ink jet printer works by spraying tiny jets of quick-drying ink onto a page. A laser printer distributes a powdery substance called toner over a statically charged drum that rolls over the paper, distributing the print onto the page; heated rollers then cook the toner permanently into place.

When the time comes to purchase a printer for your business, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of printers available may seem daunting. However, you should take the time to compare more than just the original purchase price of a device when making your decision. Comparing the ongoing maintenance costs, overall size, speed and functionality of a printer will help to ensure you choose the model that best meets the need of your business. Laser printers get their name because they use laser technology to transfer the images you print to paper. The fastest printer option, a laser printer typically has a higher purchase price but the overall cost of ownership tends to be less than that of an inkjet printer.

Types of printers

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