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1 and 2 timothy bible study pdf

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These small group studies of 2 Timothy contain outlines, cross-references, Bible study discussion questions, and applications. Greetings II. Affirmation of Timothy III. Stand Firm in the Face of Persecution In 2 Timothy he expresses his belief that he would die soon, that his journey as an apostle was almost over.

First Timothy

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The letter, traditionally attributed to the Apostle Paul , consists mainly of counsels to his younger colleague and delegate Timothy regarding his ministry in Ephesus These counsels include instructions on the organization of the Church and the responsibilities resting on certain groups of leaders therein as well as exhortations to faithfulness in maintaining the truth amid surrounding errors. The actual author of First Timothy has been traditionally identified as the Apostle Paul. He is named as the author of the letter in the text Nineteenth- and twentieth-century scholarship questioned the authenticity of the letter, with many scholars suggesting that First Timothy , along with Second Timothy and Titus , are not the work of Paul, but rather are unattributable Christian writing some time in the late-first-to-mid-2nd centuries. The authenticity of Pauline authorship was accepted by Church orthodoxy as early as c. AD , as evidenced by the surviving testimony of Irenaeus and the author of the Muratorian fragment.

2 Timothy 1 – A Spirit of Boldness

Significantly, these reasons are not dependent upon culture. In the modern world most people think that any road leads to God, if followed sincerely or with a good heart. Are women saved eternally by giving birth to children — but only if they continue with godly virtues?

Timothy Character Study. When Paul, the Apostle, met Timothy he wanted to take him along on his journey because "the brothers at Lystra and Iconium spoke well of him" Acts This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages.

1 Timothy Bible Study

In these epistles Paul described the qualifications of bishops, who are to be examples of practical gospel living. He warned Church leaders of perilous times to come and counseled them to protect the Saints from the destructive influence of false teachings. He taught that the holy scriptures are the source of sound doctrine and instruction.

​1 Timothy Study Guide

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Paul wrote this letter to Timothy from the dark confines of a Roman prison. These bars did not stop him from spreading the gospel and he exhorts Timothy to likewise persevere in spreading the good news of the gospel. There are also instructions to Timothy to beware of and appropriately deal with false teachers as well as examples of seemingly committed disciples who had already gone astray. We hope that you will be inspired by studying this book in your own walk with the Lord as well as your zeal for the gospel.

Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, according to the promise of life which is in Christ Jesus. Everyone has their own role to play, and we much each fulfill it by the will of God. It was appropriate here because Paul was imprisoned again in Rome and he expected to be executed 2 Timothy

The first letter reflected Timothy's role as a Church leader, the second is a letter to a close personal friend. Paul had a deep and genuine desire to see Timothy continue to mature as a godly Christian. Paul constantly prayed for Timothy, an evidence of their mutual love, and also of the necessity of prayer.

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First Epistle to Timothy

And the apostle summons us, as he summoned Timothy, to be strong, brave and steadfast. The inductive studies in this newly updated guide speak to all who would stand for Christ in a world of slippery, relative truth. Our call is to bring the only real, solid Word of grace and truth to a world without hope.


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were at Lystra and Iconium” (Acts –2). Workbook On. 1st & 2nd Timothy. David Padfield ecars2020.org Scripture quoted by permission. All scripture.

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