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basic legal research tools and strategies pdf

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Order of Opinion Writing 81 E.

Current and former students may login to show their courses completed, where relevant, in the Bulletin. Current and former students may login to show their courses taken, where relevant, in the Bulletin. RHGL Introduction to LLM Research. Customer reviews: Basic Legal Research: Tools

Edinger, Legal Research Survival Manual This is a short "cliff note" style approach to legal research from some of the most widely-respected legal research instructors and librarians in the field. It is specifically designed to help law students transition into practice and summer clerkship. Christina L. Kunz, et al. This is well-respected and widely used process-oriented approach.

It may be helpful to see a visual display of the research process. Attached is a general flowchart for the legal research process. The purpose of this page is to outline a basic strategy for approaching your first open research assignment. It is most likely that this assignment will be your trial brief in the second semester of legal writing. The steps outlined here are intended to assist you in that endeavor.


Amy E. This best-selling coursebook on legal research is known for its clear, step-by-step instruction in the basics. Using a building-block approach, Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies, Sixth Edition breaks material into discrete, readily comprehensible parts. Self-contained chapters on sources make the book flexible for any type of legal research course. Useful pedagogy throughout the text includes end-of-chapter checklists, clear examples, and summary charts. Helpful sample pages and examples of research sources guide students through the presentation, and an accompanying workbook provides exercises to test comprehension.

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Skip to content. All Homes Search Contact. Legal research is the foundation for sound legal analysis. This textbook provides students with an understanding of the concepts and techniques of qualitative and quantitative research, grants for research, report writing, data collection etc.

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Legal Research Strategy

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​Legal Writing and Research

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