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Information retrieval processing. An information retrieval system for collections of unstructured text can be viewed as a set of processing modules, beginning with lexical analysis of documents and leading ultimately to a retrieval process in which user queries are matched against documents.

ISBN Gerald J. Kowalski, Mark T.

A Review on the Variants of Information Retrieval

Florence O. We will discuss the various types of data and how they are organized to enhance the information retrieval process. Also, the automated systems for information gathering processing, and presentation. Entsua-Mensah Mrs 3. An organized pool of knowledge or information resources which a user may access to satisfy an information need. One of the essential components of an information retrieval system is its collection or the database.

A Review on the Variants of Information Retrieval

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Summary: The technological advancements in computer networks and the substantial reduction of their production costs have caused a massive explosion of digitally stored information. In particular, textual information is becoming increasingly available in electronic form. Finding text documents dealing with a certain topic is not a simple task. Users need tools to sift through non-relevant information and retrieve only pieces of information relevant to their needs. The traditional methods of information retrieval IR based on search term frequency have somehow reached their limitations, and novel ranking methods based on hyperlink information are not applicable to unlinked documents. The retrieval of documents based on the positions of search terms in a document has the potential of yielding improvements, because other terms in the environment where a search term appears i.

ISBN Gerald J. Kowalski, Mark T. Meadow, published by Academic Press, Inc. NAAC, Ph.


In this paper we investigate some of the most important variants of information retrieval. CLIR deals with submitting queries in one language and retrieving documents in some other language other than query language. MLIR deals with submitting questions in one or more languages and retrieving documents in one or more diverse languages.

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Information storage and retrieval


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