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concept of law and justice in islamic jurisprudence pdf

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This essay is one of the first collaborative efforts to identify the underlying norms embedded in diverse traditions of Islamic law as these apply to contemporary Muslim communities experiencing conflict or transitioning from conflict.

1 Introduction

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Islamic Jurisprudence

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Keywords: Islamic Jurisprudence; Shariah; the quest for justice; Shariah and Penology; without understanding Islamic law" (Savory, ). Islamic laws and​.

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Justicia Islamica

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Essentially, Islamic law is modern law since it has recognized restorative justice for jarimah qishas murder or torture. The concepts of restorative justice in Islamic criminal law realize fairness and balance to the offender and the victim themselves. Restorative justice in Islamic criminal law as explicitly provided in Q. Asy-Syuura 42 : The Quran regulates peace and forgiveness in solving a crime.

Traditional theory of Islamic jurisprudence recognizes four sources of Sharia : the Quran, sunnah authentic hadith , qiyas analogical reasoning , [note 1] and ijma juridical consensus. Classical jurisprudence was elaborated by private religious scholars , largely through legal opinions fatwas issued by qualified jurists muftis. It was historically applied in Sharia courts by ruler-appointed judges , who dealt mainly with civil disputes and community affairs. In the modern era, traditional laws in the Muslim world have been widely replaced by statutes inspired by European models. The role of Sharia has become a contested topic around the world.

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Qurʾanic Ethics and Islamic Law


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However, in neither case is there any legal sanction of punishment or reward, nullity or validity.

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