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Scanning electron microscopy SEM is a powerful materials analysis technique. In fact, depending on the sample, we dare say the resulting photos often verge on art. From microelectronics to food processing, SEM images provide invaluable topography and composition information for companies across a range of industries, helping ensure product quality, analyze failure potential, and inform product development.

Simon C. Watkins, Claudette M. Croix; Light sheet imaging comes of age. J Cell Biol 7 May ; 5 : —

18 Advantages and Disadvantages of Light Microscopes

The Electron Microscope EM is an impressively powerful microscope that exists today, allowing researchers to view a specimen at nanometer size. Ernst Ruska , a German engineer and academic professor, built the first Electron Microscope in , and the same principles behind his prototype still govern modern EMs. While studying under Dr. Max Knoll at the technical university of Munich, he became interested in the possibility of electron microscopy as a solution to the limitations of optical or light microscopes. Ruska understood that electron wavelengths are far shorter than light wavelengths and believed that, if he could find a way to apply this knowledge, he could develop a far more powerful microscope. Together with Knolls, he developed the first electromagnetic lens, which focused a beam of electrons in lieu of an illuminator onto a source to create a magnified image.

There are currently a number of imaging techniques available for evaluating the morphology of liposomes and other nanoparticles, with each having its own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when interpreting data. Controlling and validating the morphology of nanoparticles is of key importance for the effective clinical translation of liposomal formulations. There are a number of physical characteristics of liposomes that determine their in vivo behavior, including size, surface characteristics, lamellarity, and homogeneity. Despite the great importance of the morphology of nanoparticles, it is generally not well-characterized and is difficult to control. Appropriate imaging techniques provide important details regarding the morphological characteristics of nanoparticles, and should be used in conjunction with other methods to assess physicochemical parameters. In this review, we will discuss the advantages and limitations of available imaging techniques used to evaluate liposomal formulations. Liposomes are a type of nanocarrier that have been widely investigated for drug-delivery purposes.

Light microscopes

These provide a broad overview to selected topics including basic terminology, additional resources, article databases, catalogs, background information, web sites, and more. These pages were created by subject area specialists who work with the materials or process listed. The light microscope remains the most important tool for the study of microstructure, despite the evolution of sophisticated electron microscopes. For example, reflected light microscopy is common in the imaging of metallic microstructures, while transmitted light microscopy can be more effectively used in the microstructural imaging of polymers. In general, all nonmetallic materials are suitable for examination by transmission polarized light microscopy. The choice of method also depends on imaging requirements such as resolution, magnification, depth of field, and lens aberration. These factors may influence the choice of light or electron microscopy.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

Light microscopes work by employing visible light to detect small objects, making it a useful research tool in the field of biology. Despite the many advantages that are possible with this equipment, many students and teachers are unaware of the full range of features that are possible. Because the cost of the instrument increases with its versatility and quality, the best ones are not usually available to most academic programs. That makes it challenging to provide a well-rounded education to anyone except those who can afford the expense. Despite the changes in feature availability which are present with light microscopes today, even beginner model can help students to begin seeing the vast array of views that are possible when we start looking inward instead of outward.

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List of the Disadvantages of Light Microscopes. Light microscopes do not magnify at the same level as other options. Light microscopes have a lower resolution. Light microscopes make it challenging to view living internal structures. Light microscopes cannot operate in darkness.

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Microscopes are used to know the exact shape, function, and other features of microorganism, which are invisible from naked eyes though vital from biological aspects.

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