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c tricky interview questions and answers pdf

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Answer: The hidden problem with the code above is the use of the function gets. This function accepts a string from stdin without checking the capacity of buffer in which it copies the value.

It is referred to as a terminating null character and is used primarily to show the end of a string value.

C questions and answers. C questions and answers with explanation. Switch case. File handling. Command line arguments.

C Programming Tricky Interview Questions with Answers

What is a pointer? A pointer is a special variable, which stores the memory address. Ampersand in front of a variable gets its address and asterisk in front of a pointer gets its value. What is null pointer? Null pointer is a pointer which cannot point to anywhere in the program, but uninitialised pointer can point to anywhere in the users program. In C, if the pointer tried to access 0th location, operating system kills the running program because operating system does not allow to access 0 th value.

12 Interesting C Interview Questions and Answers

Thanks for your comments guys, good to know that you like these programming interview questions and find useful. I suggest to contribute on this with some unique programming questions you faced during interviews. Thanks Javin. I was asked: How would you implement a queue using two stacks? Agree with you Anonymous, these programming questions can be very challenging to solve in limited time if faced first time. Nice questions you can include the following Write program to Reverse a string without using array.

Top 100 C Programming Interview Questions & Answers

The answer is infact undefined , and depends on the compiler being used. Some compilers will result in 16 and 20 , while others will produce 16 and However, macros are processed by the preprocessor, a step that takes place before actual compilation begins. Expanding the second macro will show what actually gets compiled:. This article discusses this behavior further.

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C programming Interview questions and answers

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