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difference between symmetric and asymmetric key cryptography pdf

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Symmetric encryption is a type of encryption whereby only one cryptographic key secrete key is used to both encrypt and decrypt electronic information.

The basic difference between these two types of encryption is that symmetric encryption uses one key for both encryption and decryption, and the asymmetric encryption uses public key for encryption and a private key for decryption. This is said to be the simplest and best-known encryption technique. As discussed already, it uses one key for both encryption and decryption.

Symmetric vs. Asymmetric Encryption – What are differences?

In a simple word, asymmetric encryption is more secure than symmetric encryption. Information security has grown to be a colossal factor, especially with modern communication networks, leaving loopholes that could be leveraged to devastating effects. This article presents a discussion on two popular encryption schemes that can be used to tighten communication security in Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption. In principle, the best way to commence this discussion is to start from the basics first. Thus, we look at the definitions of algorithms and key cryptographic concepts and then dive into the core part of the discussion where we present a comparison of the two techniques. An algorithm is basically a procedure or a formula for solving a data snooping problem. An encryption algorithm is a set of mathematical procedure for performing encryption on data.


Cryptographic systems are currently divided into two major fields of study: symmetric and asymmetric cryptography. While symmetric encryption is often used as a synonymous of symmetric cryptography, asymmetric cryptography embraces two primary use cases: asymmetric encryption and digital signatures. This article will focus on symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms. Encryption algorithms are often divided into two categories, known as symmetric and asymmetric encryption. The fundamental difference between these two methods of encryption relies on the fact that symmetric encryption algorithms make use of a single key, while asymmetric encryption makes use of two different but related keys. Such a distinction, though apparently simple, accounts for the functional differences between the two forms of encryption techniques and the ways they are used. In cryptography , encryption algorithms generate keys as a series of bits that are used for encrypting and decrypting a piece of information.

Modern cryptography exists at the intersection of the disciplines of mathematics , computer science , electrical engineering , communication science , and physics. Applications of cryptography include electronic commerce , chip-based payment cards , digital currencies , computer passwords , and military communications. Cryptography prior to the modern age was effectively synonymous with encryption , converting information from a readable state to unintelligible nonsense. The sender of an encrypted message shares the decoding technique only with intended recipients to preclude access from adversaries. The cryptography literature often uses the names Alice "A" for the sender, Bob "B" for the intended recipient, and Eve " eavesdropper " for the adversary.

The two widely accepted and used cryptographic methods are symmetric and asymmetric. The DES ideally belongs to the category of symmetric key cryptography.

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Questions around their differences, which is considered the more secure process, and which one is most suitable for your needs, are bound to arise. Encryption is the process of converting human-readable data plaintext into unintelligible ciphertext. This scrambling of data is the result of an algorithmic operation that uses a cryptographic key. The use of encryption is necessary if we want privacy and for protecting our data at rest, in use, or in motion.

Difference Between Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption

Exploring the Differences Between Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption

Your secret keys are generated and used only in hardware security modules designed so that no one, including AWS employees, can access the plaintext key material. Asymmetric CMK : Represents a mathematically related public key and private key pair that you can use for encryption and decryption or signing and verification, but not both. You can use your data key pair outside of AWS KMS to encrypt and decrypt data, or sign messages and verify signatures. For information about how to create and use data keys and data key pairs, see Data keys and Data key pairs.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. A comparison between symmetric and asymmetric key encryption algorithm based decryption mixnets Abstract: This paper presents a comparison between symmetric and asymmetric key encryption algorithm based decryption mixnets through simulation. Mix-servers involved in a decryption mixnet receive independently and repeatedly encrypted messages as their input, then successively decrypt and shuffle them to generate a new altered output from which finally the messages are regained. Thus mixnets confirm unlinkability and anonymity between senders and the receiver of messages.

Difference Between Symmetric And Asymmetric Encryption In Tabular Form

Symmetric Key Encryption: Encryption is a process to change the form of any message in order to protect it from reading by anyone. In Symmetric-key encryption the message is encrypted by using a key and the same key is used to decrypt the message which makes it easy to use but less secure. It also requires a safe method to transfer the key from one party to another. Asymmetric Key Encryption: Asymmetric Key Encryption is based on public and private key encryption technique. It uses two different key to encrypt and decrypt the message. It is more secure than symmetric key encryption technique but is much slower.

While communicating on an unsecured medium like the internet, you have to be careful about the confidentiality of the information you are sharing with other. The are two techniques use to preserve the confidentiality of your message, Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption. The fundamental difference that distinguishes symmetric and asymmetric encryption is that symmetric encryption allows encryption and decryption of the message with the same key. On the other hand, asymmetric encryption uses the public key for the encryption, and a private key is used for decryption. To acknowledge some more differences between symmetric and asymmetric encryption have a look at the comparison chart shown below. Asymmetric encryption uses a different key for encryption and decryption. Performance Symmetric encryption is fast in execution.

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Using symmetric and asymmetric keys

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Symmetric vs. Asymmetric Encryption – What are differences?

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Both symmetric (e.g. onetime pad, AES) and asymmetric (e.g. RSA and ElGamal cryptosystems) key encryption algorithms can be exploited to.

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