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2019 research articles and malay language issue pdf

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The Development of an Integrated Corpus for Malay Language

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Computational Science and Technology pp Cite as. Generally, a corpus serves as the source of data for various types of research. As such, there are several Malay corpora being developed to support the needs of the researchers. However, the various corpora of Malay text are distributed and not integrated, where some words are not included or missing in some corpora. The focus of this paper is to develop an integrated corpus that will combine four most comprehensive Malay corpora. The intention is to provide comprehensive coverage of Malay corpora which would be beneficial for any relevant work. Unable to display preview.

The timeliness and accuracy of public health surveillance data are critical factors for implementing control measures to minimise the mortality and morbidity caused by an infectious disease outbreak 1. Traditional disease surveillance uses formal source reporting systems that are limited by the lengthy process of collecting and validating data from health systems and laboratories 1 , 2. The time spent in achieving data validation and accuracy is often an opportunity cost of early epidemiologic assessments 3 , 4. Severe diseases that have potential political or economic consequences may also suffer from bias and less transparent formal information source reporting 6. This puts pressure on governments to rapidly detect, assess and report outbreaks that occur within their boundaries. The rapid development and uptake of modern communication technologies have elevated the role of informal source reporting in public health surveillance, which can enable low income countries to comply with the IHR. The IHR has also clearly outlined that the WHO may use informal sources for outbreak intelligence to complement official government reports 6.

PDF | Article History | Find, read and cite all the research you need on capabilities and roles of the Malay language as a means of delivering is the issue? Role of Supply Chain Agility. Article. Full-text available. Oct

Cultural competency describes interventions that aim to improve accessibility and effectiveness of health services for people from ethnic minority backgrounds. Interventions include interpreter services, migrant peer educators and health worker training to provide culturally competent care. Migrants and refugees in Thailand and Malaysia report difficulties in accessing health systems and discrimination by service providers.

Language Editing Service. Al Darwish, S. Teachers' attitude toward a foreign language: factors effecting the target.

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