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Men, Masculinities and Methodologies pp Cite as. Critical studies of men and masculinities have developed significantly over the last years. Notwithstanding the growth of this scholarship, we have been struck by the relative lack of interrogation of the epistemologies and methodologies involved in the study of men and masculinities.

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Men's studies

K ishonna L. Her work broadly intersects identity and new media, with a particular focus on gaming. Follow her on Twitter KishonnaGray. Kishonna L. Gray; Masculinity Studies.

Men's studies is an interdisciplinary academic field devoted to topics concerning men , masculinity , gender , culture , politics and sexuality. It academically examines what it means to be a man in contemporary society. In Anglophone countries, men's studies was formed, largely in response to an emerging men's rights movement, [3] and as such, has been taught in academic settings only since the s. In contrast to the discipline of masculine psychology, men's studies programs and courses often include contemporary discussions of men's rights, feminist theory , queer theory , matriarchy , patriarchy , and more generally, what proponents describe as the social, historical, and cultural influences on the constructions of men. They often discuss the issues surrounding male privilege , seen as evolving into more subtle and covert forms rather than disappearing in the modern era.

Purchasing options are not available in this country. Why is there so much talk of a "crisis" of masculinity? How have ideas of manhood been transformed by feminism? Does feminism hold the key to the development of more egalitarian forms of masculinity? Masculinity Studies and Feminist Theory addresses central questions about the analysis and construction of masculinity in contemporary society. The volume examines the ways male privilege and power are constituted and represented and explores the effect of such constructions on both men and women.

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The connection between masculinity and domestic violence : what young people think. Melanie J McCarry. Abstract This thesis examines young people's views about male violence and specifically domestic violence. There are various theoretical analyses of domestic violence, but it is argued that the feminist analysis has the most to contribute to understandings because only the feminist critique centralises gender and locates it within the power and control framework. The radical feminist analysis, which is applied in this thesis, argues that domestic violence is supported ideologically and structurally through patriarchy and thus, all male violence must be recognised as part of the same phenomenon of an abuse of power and control.

theories pose for masculinity studies. Misogyny created feminist theory, and. feminist theory has helped create masculinity. That is, cultural condemnation leveled.

Gendering Methodologies in the Study of Men and Masculinities

Access options available:. Masculinity Studies and Feminist Theory. New York: Columbia UP, When so many essay collections seem uncomfortably patched together, tapestries of the vaguely related and not entirely congruent, it is refreshing to encounter a collection as well constructed and cohesive as Judith Kegan Gardiner's Masculinity Studies and Feminist Theory.

Ten male psychology students between the ages of 18 and 25 at their first-year level at the University of Cape Town were interviewed. Rossi, Ed. A football star is a model of hegemonic masculinity. Download PDF. Connell argues that there is not one masculinity, but many different masculinities, each associated with different positions of power.

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Masculinity Studies and Feminist Theory

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