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radio interferometry and satellite tracking pdf

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Radio Interferometry and Satellite Tracking

In the field of astrophysics, modern developments of practice are emerging in order to further understand the spectral information derived from cosmic sources. Radio telescopes are a current mode of practice used to observe these occurrences. Despite the various accommodations that this technology offers, physicists around the globe need a better understanding of the underlying physics and operational components of radio telescopes as well as an explanation of the cosmic objects that are being detected.

Analyzing the Physics of Radio Telescopes and Radio Astronomy is an essential reference source that discusses the principles of the astronomical instruments involved in the construction of radio telescopes and the analysis of cosmic sources and celestial objects detected by this machinery.

Featuring research on topics such as electromagnetic theory, antenna design, and geometrical optics, this book is ideally designed for astrophysicists, engineers, researchers, astronomers, students, and educators seeking coverage on the operational methods of radio telescopes and understanding the physical processes of radio astronomy.

Buy Hardcover. Add to Cart. More Information. IGI Global, Yeap, K. IGI Global. Yeap, Kim Ho, and Kazuhiro Hirasawa. Available In. Related Books.

Hardcover: Available. Current Special Offers. No Current Special Offers. E-Book: Available. Softcover: Available. OnDemand: Individual Chapters. Description In the field of astrophysics, modern developments of practice are emerging in order to further understand the spectral information derived from cosmic sources.

Design and flight results of the VHF/UHF communication system of Longjiang lunar microsatellites

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This timely book provides a solid understanding of the use of radio interferometers for tracking and monitoring satellites in overcrowded environments.

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