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What are Transducer Types and Their Applications

The transducer changes the physical quantity into an electrical signal. It is an electronic device which has two main functions, i. It senses the physical quantity and then converts it into mechanical works or electrical signals.

The transducer receives the measurand and gives a proportional amount of output signal. The output signal is sent to the conditioning device where the signal is attenuated, filtered, and modulated.

The transduction medium may be resistive, inductive or capacitive depends on the conversion process that how input transducer converts the input signal into resistance , inductance and capacitance respectively. Primary Transducer — The transducer consists the mechanical as well as the electrical devices.

The mechanical devices of the transducer change the physical input quantities into a mechanical signal. This mechanical device is known as the primary transducers. Secondary Transducer — The secondary transducer converts the mechanical signal into an electrical signal. The magnitude of the output signal depends on the input mechanical signal. The tube act as a primary transducer.

It detects the pressure and converts it into a displacement from its free end. The displacement of the free ends moves the core of the linear variable displacement transformer. The movement of the core induces the output voltage which is directly proportional to the displacement of the tube free end.

First, the pressure is converted into a displacement and then it is converted into the voltage by the help of the L. Passive Transducer — The transducer which requires the power from an external supply source is known as the passive transducer. They are also known as the external power transducer. The capacitive, resistive and inductive transducers are the example of the passive transducer. Active Transducer — The transducer which does not require the external power source is known as the active transducer.

Such type of transducer develops theirs owns voltage or current, hence known as a self-generating transducer. The output signal is obtained from the physical input quantity. The physical quantity like velocity, temperature, force and the intensity of light is induced with the help of the transducer.

The piezoelectric crystal, photo-voltaic cell, tacho generator, thermocouples, photovoltaic cell are the examples of the active transducers. Examples — Consider the examples of a piezoelectric crystal.

The crystal is sandwiched between the two metallic electrodes, and the entire sandwiched is fastened to the base. The mass is placed on the top of the sandwiched. The piezo crystal has the special property because of which when the force is applied to the crystal, they induce the voltage.

The base provides the acceleration due to which the voltage is generated. The mass applies on the crystals induces an output voltage. The output voltage is proportional to the acceleration. The above mention transducer is known as the accelerometer which converts the acceleration into an electric voltage.

This transducer does not require any auxiliary power source for the conversion of physical quantity into an electrical signal. The transducer can also be classified by their output signals.

The output signal of the transducer may be continuous or discrete. Analog Transducer — The Analog transducer changes the input quantity into a continuous function. The strain gauge, L. T, thermocouple, thermistor are the examples of the analogue transducer.

The digital signals work on high or low power. Transducer — The device which converts the non-electrical quantity into an electric quantity is known as the transducer. Inverse Transducer — The transducer which converts the electric quantity into a physical quantity, such type of transducers is known as the inverse transducer. The transducer has high electrical input and low non-electrical output.

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Types of Transducer

Definition: The device which converts the one form of energy into another is known as the transduce r. The process of conversion is known as transduction. The conversion is done by sensing and transducing the physical quantities like temperature, pressure, sound, etc. The electrical transducer converts the mechanical energy into an electric signal. The electrical signal may be voltage, current and frequency. The production of the signal depends on the resistive inductive and capacitive effects of the physical input.

There are a variety of transducer types like pressure transducer, piezoelectric transducer, ultrasonic transducer, temperature transducer, and so on. Let us discuss.


A transducer is a device that converts energy from one form to another. Usually a transducer converts a signal in one form of energy to a signal in another. Transducers are often employed at the boundaries of automation , measurement , and control systems , where electrical signals are converted to and from other physical quantities energy, force, torque, light, motion, position, etc. The process of converting one form of energy to another is known as transduction. Transducers that convert physical quantities into mechanical quantities are known as mechanical transducers; transducers that convert physical quantities into electrical quantities are known as electrical transducers.

In this tutorial, we will learn about Transducers, Different Types of Transducers, their characteristics and a few important applications of transducers. You might have heard of the terms like Sensors and Transducers, often frequently, sometimes confusingly interchangeably. There are different views and definitions of sensors and transducers. According to one set of definitions, a Sensor is an element that senses changes in input energy and produces an output in the same or different form of energy. Coming to a Transducer, it uses the principle of Transduction to convert the measurand into a usable output.

The transducer changes the physical quantity into an electrical signal. It is an electronic device which has two main functions, i. It senses the physical quantity and then converts it into mechanical works or electrical signals.


There are various electrical and electronic components are used to build the circuits and projects for engineering students. In general, the process of transduction involves the conversion of one form of energy into another form. This process mainly includes a sensing element to sense the input energy and then converting it into another form by a transduction element. Measurand tells the property, quantity, or state that the transducer looks to translate into an electrical output.

A digital sensor produces discrete digital signals. Because of this, the range of possible sensors and transducers is by now. Sensors And Transducers has 38 ratings and 3 reviews. Actuators are devices that work opposite to sensors. It is useful to anyone studying measurement systems and instrumentation but it is provided mainly in support of the EC module D — Control System Engineering. An analogue sensor produces continuously varying output signals over a range of values. The result is a highly readable text which provides a unique introduction to the selection and application of sensors, transducers and switches, and a grounding in the practicalities of designing with these devices.

Any type of electronic system requires communication with the real world. To make it done sensors and actuators are used. The purpose of the sensor is to sense the different forms of energy either it can be of movement, thermal, electrical, or magnetic. Where the actuators are used to switch currents or voltages. Sensors including actuators are termed as Transducers. The main purpose of this device is to convert the applied form of the signal into other signals based on the requirement of the system. Transducers are available in both digital and analog forms.

Biomedical Sensors and Biosensors These sensors are extensively used in medical diagnosis, environmental protection, drug discovery and delivery, etc. Sensors and transducers Sensors in manufacturing are basically employed to automatically carry out the production operations as well as process monitoring activities. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Basically, Transducer converts one form of energy into another form of energy. The transducer, which converts non-electrical form of energy into electrical form of energy is known as electrical transducer. The block diagram of electrical transducer is shown in below figure. As shown in the figure, electrical transducer will produce an output, which has electrical energy. The output of electrical transducer is equivalent to the input, which has non-electrical energy.

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Different Types of Transducers | Characteristics, Classification, Applications

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