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Transnational Religion And Fading States

The State is Dead! Long live the State! At the turn of the century, many commentators from the right and left seemed united in their analysis that the state as an economic player was dead or at least no longer relevant. The combined pressures of globalisation, liberalisation and marketisation unleashed by the market-driven dogmas of Thatcherism and Reaganomics had massively expanded the private sector and concurrently downsized the public sector. Corporate power was in the ascendancy and many state-owned companies had become little more than second-rate government departments, and the underlying assumption was that, as the economy evolved, the government would close or sell them to private investors.

Focusing on the dilution of state sovereignty, this book examines how the crossing of state boundaries by religious movements leads to the formation of transnational civil society. Thus, the chapters reveal the dual potential of religious movements as sources of peace and security as well as of violent conflict. Featuring an East-West, North-South approach, the volume avoids the conventional and often ethnocentric segregation of the experience of other regions from the European and American. Contributors draw examples from a variety of civilizations and world religions. Together the chapters illustrate how religion as bearer of the politics of meaning has filled the lacuna left by the decline of ideology, creating a novel transnational space for world politics. Markedets laveste priser.

This paper has several objectives. Third, I focus on transnational Shia networks in the context of Iran's current attempt to acquire increased foreign policy influence in Iraq. The paper argues that transnational Shia networks in Iran and Iraq have relatively limited capacity to forge and pursue religious collective goals, as they are significantly undermined by nationalist and statist concerns. This is not to allege that nationalism and statism necessarily trump transnational religious goals — although in our case study this is indeed the case. The Shia are experiencing a revival fired by the interventions of the West in Afghanistan and Iraq, which have unleashed historic religious forces to fuel an age-old antagonism between the two sides that had not been anticipated by Washington or London. It is an antagonism that will determine the politics of the region for some time to come as, long marginalised from power, the Shia are now clamouring for greater rights and more political influence. By liberating and empowering Iraq's Shia majority, the West has also helped launch a broad Shia revival that will upset the sectarian balance in Iraq and in the rest of the Middle East for years to come O'Mahony,

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This article explores new political practices of the Roman Catholic Church by means of a close critical examination of the beatification of the Martyrs of Cajonos, two indigenous men from the Mexican village of San Francisco Cajonos, Oaxaca, in For information regarding our Open Access policy, click here. Equinox Publishing Ltd. Privacy Policy. Allen Jr. August 9. Accessed March 9,

Religious diversity and pluralism is increasing all over the world, and globalization is creating a widespread awareness of that. The growing influence of religions in public politics and culture around the world is contradicting conventional narratives of secularization. Indeed, the resurgence of religions in all the continents is tangled in different ways to modernization processes. The main argument of this chapter is that this religious change toward pluralism can be fully understood in the context of multiple modernities theory, provided that it be revised and modified. The key understanding of changes must come from a better insight of popular religions worldwide. Latin American, Eastern Asia and Islam regions are good examples of popular forms of religious revitalization that contrasts with the Northern European case. New ways of producing sense and spiritual search in non-Western areas are framing specific relationships between religion and modernities and bringing about pluralisms.

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In "Globalizing Catholicism and the Return to a 'Universal' Church" Casanova analyzes the changes in the transnational nature of the Roman Catholic Church throughout history. Casanova argues that the Church could only become truly transnational after the incorporation of the Papal States into the Kingdom of Italy, allowing the papacy to focus on spiritual leadership, rather than territorial integrity. In addition, Casanova draws a comparison between the Medieval Church and the current Church, saying that the Church and Pope became less transnational in the early modern era. Casanova specifically points to papal supremacy, the centralization and internationalization of the Church leadership, the ecumenical councils, transnational religious cadres, missionary activity, schools and networks, shrines, and transnational religious movements as developments tying the two time periods together.

American Studies. CA State Parks. ISBN 1. Compared to females, males are represented nearly twice as often in. Since , the average lifespan of persons in the United States has lengthened by greater than 30 years; 25 years of this gain are attributable to advances in public health 1.

Popular Religions and Multiple Modernities: A Non-Western Perspective

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Popes, Saints, Beato Bones and other Images at War

The aftermath of the First World War saw manifold efforts to re- construct an international community. One striking feature of this development was the foundation of a number of international student organisations. The CIE brought together the representatives of different national unions of students and thus involved activists who could cast themselves as future leaders. To this end, the organisation co-operated with the League of Nations, particularly in the realm of student travel. Yet, despite its discourse of peace and non-partisanship, the CIE suffered from manifold national divisions and maintained an uneasy relationship with the political developments of the period. In this context, the article shows how, rather than being the domain of impractical idealists, internationalism provided an arena for the pursuit of competing national and political agendas. To what extent did the inter-war years provide genuine opportunities for the formation of an international community?

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Focusing on the dilution of state sovereignty, this book examines how the crossing of state boundaries by religious movements leads to the formation of transnat.

Transnational Religion And Fading States - E-bog

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