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impact of packaging on retailers and consumers pdf

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Introduction 1.

The impact of product packaging on consumers’ value perception

Product packaging definitely impacts sales. Competition is strong in the marketplace and there are benefits for companies who have their packaging attract the eyes of consumers. Also, it protects products during transit, in stores, and while being used by customers. With so much on the line, companies are wise to understand how their customers will be affected by their product packaging and place a high level of importance on it. In addition to these five points, there is one more consideration that is probably just as important.

Abstract : Building on existing research regarding product packaging and the factors that have the most notable influence on buying preference, pricing and other elements of bottled orange juice, this study expands understanding of how two key factors, color and shape, build synergy and influence consumer attention and ultimately their purchasing choices. The results presented here, and the consequent discussion may provide useful insight for design and marketing managers when setting prices and selecting packaging color and shape for creating synergy and augmenting quality perception and buying preference. The influence of color and shape of package design on consumer preference: The case of orange juice. Orange juice packaging has not been the subject of an extended field study. Gadioli, De Oliveira, Quintiliano, Bezerra, Queiroz and Chiarello worked on communicational aspects of orange juice packaging and corresponding intention to purchase. With a fresh focus on two aesthetics factors of packaging, color and shape, this research seeks to answer the question: How do cap color and bottle shape influence preference among orange juice consumers?

This research provides new knowledge on the purchase intention towards junk foods. The main purpose of this research study is to examine the packaging design elements as a determinant factor to purchase junk food among youth consumer that might be one of the most essential variable in marketing field. One of the aims of this study is covering the shortcomings of previous studies that didn't observe main factors that influence the consumer purchase intention toward junk food. The various packaging elements packaging colour, packaging graphic, packaging size, packaging material and packaging label have been conceptualized into integrated frameworks to investigate the factors that influence consumer purchase intention toward junk food products amongst youth. This study is further validated through a survey method used of questionnaire distribution.

The Effect Of Packaging Design Elements On Youth Purchase Intention Of Junk Food

The objective of this study is to determine the role of packaging on consumer buying behavior. The purpose of this research is to examine the essential factors, which are driving the success of a brand. In this study, samples of 44 respondents have been collected. The study was conducted in the premises of Don Bosco Institute of Management. According to the finding of the research study; it has been observed that the packaging is the most important factor.

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The Influence of Color and Shape of Package Design on Consumer Preference: The Case of Orange Juice

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Five Ways Product Packaging Impacts Sales


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