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effect of tax on consumer and producer surplus pdf

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Consumer surplus is derived whenever the price a consumer actually pays is less than they are prepared to pay. A demand curve indicates what price consumers are prepared to pay for a hypothetical quantity of a good, based on their expectation of private benefit.

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How Can Taxes on a Good Affect Both Consumer Surplus & Producer Surplus?

Taxes and subsidies change the price of goods and, as a result, the quantity consumed. There is a difference between an Ad valorem tax and a specific tax or subsidy in the way how it is applied on the price of the good. The final effect stays similar though. In the end levying a tax moves the market to a new equilibrium where the price of a good paid by buyers increases and the price received by sellers decreases. The incidence of a tax does not depend on whether the buyers or sellers are taxed.

Consider first a fixed, per-unit tax such as a cent tax on gasoline. The tax could either be imposed on the buyer or the supplier. It is imposed on the buyer if the buyer pays a price for the good and then also pays the tax on top of that. Similarly, if the tax is imposed on the seller, the price charged to the buyer includes the tax. In the United States, sales taxes are generally imposed on the buyer—the stated price does not include the tax—while in Canada, the sales tax is generally imposed on the seller.

Taxation and dead weight loss

If demand is price inelastic, then there is a bigger gap between the price consumers are willing to pay and the price they actually pay. The demand curve shows the maximum price that a consumer would have paid. Consumer surplus is the area between the demand curve and the market price. The demand curve illustrates the marginal utility a consumer gets from consuming a product. However, with a price of 50p, the consumer surplus is the difference. Free trade means a reduction in tariffs. It leads to lower prices for consumers and an increase in consumer surplus.

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Perfect competition II: Taxes

Principles of Economics Microeconomics. Why do taxes exist? What are the effects of taxes? We discuss how taxes affect consumer surplus and producer surplus and discuss the concept of deadweight loss at length. So far in our videos, we've looked at the effect of taxes on market prices, but we haven't said much about why government levies taxes in the first place, namely to get revenues.

Consumer surplus and producer surplus figures are derived from demand and supply curve analysis. The demand curve shows how many quantities of a product consumers are willing to purchase at different price levels. The supply curve tells the different prices and quantities at which suppliers are willing to deliver a product to the market.

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