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If you need to memorize states or capitals, or just need to have a handy reference, you can use one of the two lists below. One is organized alphabetically by state and the is organized alphabetically by the capital city. To print, click on the image. If you need help, consult the online guide to Adobe PDFs.

50 States and Capitals in Alphabetical Order

This is a list of capital cities of the United States, including places that serve or have served as federal, state, insular area, territorial, colonial, and Native American capitals. Washington, D. Each U. Most states have not changed their capital city since becoming a state, but the capital cities of their respective preceding colonies, territories, kingdoms, and republics typically changed multiple times. There have also been other governments within the current borders of the United States with their own capitals, such as the Republic of Texas, Native American nations, and other unrecognized governments.

The cities below served either as the meeting place for colonial American congresses or as official capitals of the United States under the United States Constitution. The United States did not have a permanent capital under the Articles of Confederation ; the cities listed below under the Congress of the Confederation are those where the Congress met.

The current Constitution was ratified in and gave the Congress the power to exercise "exclusive legislation" over a district that "may, by Cession of particular States, and the acceptance of Congress , become the Seat of the Government of the United States. Each state has a capital that serves as the seat of its government. Ten of the thirteen original states and 15 other states have changed their capital city at least once; the last state to move its capital city was Oklahoma in In the following table, the years listed in the "Capital Since" column represent that year that the city began serving as the state's current capital.

If a field is colored in light yellow, this denotes the population is a micropolitan statistical area. An insular area is a United States territory that is neither a part of one of the fifty states nor a part of the District of Columbia, the nation's federal district. Those insular areas with territorial capitals are listed below. Two of the 50 U. During its history as a sovereign nation Kingdom of Hawaii , —; Republic of Hawaii , — , five sites served as the capital of Hawaii:.

Annexed by the United States in , Honolulu remained the capital, first of the Territory of Hawaii — , and then of the state since During its history as a sovereign nation Republic of Texas , — , seven sites served as the capital of Texas:. Annexed by the United States in , Austin remains the capital of the state of Texas.

Some Native American tribes, in particular the Five Civilized Tribes , organized their states with constitutions and capitals in Western style. Others, like the Iroquois, had long-standing, pre-Columbian traditions of a 'capitol' longhouse where wampum and council fires were maintained with special status.

Since they did business with the U. Federal Government, these capitals can be seen as officially recognized in some sense. Major Ridge chose the site because of its centrality in the historic Cherokee Nation which spanned parts of Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama, and because it was near the confluence of the Conasauga and Coosawattee rivers.

The town's layout was partly inspired by Ridge's many visits to Washington D. Complete with the Council House, Supreme Court, Cherokee syllabary printing press, and the houses of several of the Nation's constitutional officers, New Echota served as the capital until when the state of Georgia outlawed Native American assembly in an attempt to undermine the Nation.

Thousands of Cherokee would gather in New Echota for the annual National Councils, camping along the nearby rivers and holding long stomp dances in the park-like woods that were typical of many Southeastern Native American settlements. The Cherokee National council grounds were moved to Red Clay, Tennessee, on the Georgia state line, in order to evade the Georgia state militia.

The log cabins, limestone springs, and park-like woods of Red Clay served as the capital until the Cherokee Nation was removed to Indian Territory Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears. Tahlequah, in present-day Oklahoma, served as the capital of the original Cherokee Nation after Removal.

After the Civil War, a turbulent period for the Nation which was involved in its own civil war resulting from pervasive anger and disagreements over removal from Georgia, the Cherokee Nation built a new National Capitol in Tahlequah out of brick. The building served as the capitol until , when the Dawes Act finally dissolved the Cherokee Nation and Tahlequah became the county seat of Cherokee County, Oklahoma.

The Cherokee National government was re-established in and Tahlequah remains the capital of the modern Cherokee Nation ; it is also the capital of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians. Approximately four to eight hundred Cherokees escaped removal because they lived on a separated tract, purchased later with the help of Confederate Colonel William Holland Thomas , along the Oconaluftee River deep in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. Some Cherokees fleeing the Federal Army, sent for the "round up," fled to the remote settlements separated from the rest of the Cherokee Territory in Georgia and North Carolina, in order to remain in their homeland.

After Removal from their Alabama-Georgia homeland, the Creek national government met near Hot Springs which was then part of their new territory as prescribed in the Treaty of Cusseta. Served as the National capital after the American Civil War. It was probably named after Ocmulgee , on the Ocmulgee river in Macon , a principle Coosa and later Creek town built with mounds and functioning as part of the Southeastern ceremonial complex.

However, there were other traditional Creek "mother-towns" before removal. The Ocmulgee mounds were ceded illegally in with the Treaty of Indian Springs. Since the Confederacy's formation around , the Onondaga Nation has held privilege of hosting the Iroquois Grand Council and the status of Keepers of the Fire and the Wampum —which they still do at the official Longhouse on the Onondaga Reservation.

The Seneca Nation republic was founded in and has two capitals that rotate responsibilities every two years. Jimerson Town was founded in the s following the formation of the Allegheny Reservoir. The Senecas also have an administrative longhouse in Steamburg but do not consider that location to be a capital. It lies within the boundaries of the St. Michaels Chapter, adjacent to the Arizona and New Mexico state line. There have been a handful of self-declared nations within the current borders of the United States which were never officially recognized as legally independent sovereign entities; however, these nations did have de facto control over their respective regions during their existence.

Before joining the United States as the fourteenth state, Vermont was an independent republic known as the Vermont Republic. Three cities served as the capital of the Republic:.

The current capital of the State of Vermont is Montpelier. The State of Franklin was an autonomous, secessionist United States territory created not long after the end of the American Revolution from territory that later was ceded by North Carolina to the federal government. Franklin's territory later became part of the state of Tennessee. Franklin was never officially admitted into the Union of the United States and existed for only four years.

It existed from to It had one capital:. The Republic of West Florida was a short-lived nation that broke away from the territory of Spanish West Florida in It comprised the Florida Parishes of the modern state of Louisiana and the Mobile District of the modern states of Mississippi and Alabama.

The Republic of West Florida did not include any part of the modern state of Florida. Ownership of the area had been in dispute between Spain and the United States, which claimed that it had been included in the Louisiana Purchase of Within two months of the settlers' rebellion and the declaration of an independent nation, President James Madison sent American forces to peaceably occupy the new republic.

It was formally annexed by the United States in over the objections of Spain and the land was divided between the Territory of Orleans and Territory of Mississippi. During its brief existence, the capital of the Republic of West Florida was:.

The Republic of Indian Stream was an unrecognized independent nation within the present state of New Hampshire. Before being annexed by the United States in following the Mexican—American War , a small portion of north-central California declared itself the California Republic , in an act of independence from Mexico, in see Bear Flag Revolt.

The republic only existed a month before it disbanded itself, to join the advancing American army and therefore became part of the United States.

The very short-lived California Republic was never recognized by the United States, Mexico or any other nation. There was one de facto capital of the California Republic:. The Confederate States of America C. The first capital was established February 4, , in Montgomery , Alabama, and remained there until it was moved to Richmond , Virginia, on May 29, , after Virginia seceded on May The individual state capitals remained the same in the Confederacy as they had been in the Union U.

Most of the original Thirteen Colonies had their capitals occupied or attacked by the British during the American Revolutionary War. State governments operated where and as they could. The City of New York was occupied by British troops from to A similar situation occurred during the War of , during the American Civil War in many Confederate states , and during the Pueblo Revolt of — in New Mexico. Twenty-two state capitals have been a capital longer than their state has been a state, since they served as the capital of a predecessor territory, colony, or republic.

Boston , Massachusetts , has been a capital city since ; it is the oldest continuously-running capital in the United States. Santa Fe, New Mexico , is the oldest capital city, having become capital in and interrupted only by the aforementioned Pueblo Revolt.

An even older Spanish city, St. Augustine, Florida , served as a colonial capital from until about , more than years. As such, the town claims to have been the "U. Capital for a Day" despite the fact that Congress never met there. See: "A Brief History". Town of Brookeville, Maryland. Archived from the original on December 7, Retrieved October 7, Archived from the original PDF on August 19, Retrieved March 14, The city of Washington was founded in and construction of the new capital began while it was still part of Maryland.

Whereas, confusion of practice has arisen in the pronunciation of the name of our state and it is deemed important that the true pronunciation should be determined for use in oral official proceedings. And, whereas, the matter has been thoroughly investigated by the State Historical Society and the Eclectic Society of Little Rock, which have agreed upon the correct pronunciation as derived from history, and the early usage of the American immigrants.

Be it therefore resolved by both houses of the General Assembly, that the only true pronunciation of the name of the state, in the opinion of this body, is that received by the French from the Native Americans and committed to writing in the French word representing the sound. It should be pronounced in three 3 syllables, with the final "s" silent, the "a" in each syllable with the Italian sound, and the accent on the first and last syllables. The pronunciation with the accent on the second syllable with the sound of "a" in "man" and the sounding of the terminal "s" is an innovation to be discouraged.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of capital cities in the United States of America. Not to be confused with List of state and territorial capitols in the United States. Retrieved May 31, Senate: Farewell to New York". National Park Service ".

List Of US States And Their Capitals In Alphabetical Order With PDF

Share this page. Follow Ballotpedia. State capitals are home to the offices and meeting places of state governments. The word capital is derived from the Latin caput , meaning "head. All current state capitals were established by

Home Events Register Now About. Aspirant preparing for any Competitive exams can make use of it. State nicknames list for all 50 states - official state nicknames are based on the history and natural features of each state. Most states have many nicknames. State Nicknames. OpinionFront gives you a complete list of U.


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US State and Capitals List - United States Map with Capitals

Enable children of elementary school to augment their knowledge of the 50 states of the United States of America with our vastly diversified pdf worksheets containing labeled maps, flashcards and exercises to identify the 50 states and their capitals, practice locating and labeling the states and their capitals on the maps of USA. Also, included are cut and glue activities, word search, crossword, reading comprehension passage, writing prompts and more. Download our free handouts and give them a head-start in learning!

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This is a list of capital cities of the United States, including places that serve or have served as federal, state, insular area, territorial, colonial, and Native American capitals.

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