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clean a history of personal hygiene and purity pdf

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Search this site. What exactly are 'purity rules'?

Islamic hygienical jurisprudence

Gwen Kay, V irginia S mith. New York: Oxford University Press. Who wants to read a book about being clean? Anyone interested in history of the body, of medicine, of public health, social history, or health fads, to name a few. In her survey of cleanliness, hygiene, and purity, Virginia Smith covers a lot of ground. An expansion of her dissertation both physically and temporally, her study examines grooming, exercise, diet, religion, and the social implications of the same from ancient Egypt to the present.

Historical and social aspects of halitosis. I Dental Surgeon, Ph. Full Professor, e-mail: caroline eerp. Buccal odors have always been a factor of concern for society. Lack of knowledge on how to prevent halitosis allows for its occurrence, limiting quality of life.

Clean : a history of personal hygiene and purity

Virginia Smith. Clean: a history of personal hygiene and purity. Oxford University Press. Cleanliness is next to godliness, table manners, monetary exchange and a host of other human behaviours; how has it escaped the notice of anthropologists, ethnologists and historians for so long? One of Virginia Smith's many accomplishments in this excellent study is integrating the philosophies and practices central to the subject. Cleanliness is part of medical routines essential for the prevention of disease; it has an aesthetic foundation in the human love of order and beauty and the exercise of such on the body; and it has a moral dimension in perceptions of purity, that of the body in harmony with the soul.

Islamic hygienical jurisprudence includes a number of regulations involving cleanliness during salat obligatory prayer through wudu partial ablution and ghusl full ablution , as well as dietary laws and toilet etiquette for Muslims. The fiqh Islamic jurisprudence is based on admonitions in the Quran for Muslims to be ritually clean whenever possible, as well as in hadith literature words, actions, or habits of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Cleanliness is an important part of Islam, including Quranic verses that teach how to achieve ritual cleanliness. Keeping oral hygiene through cleaning the teeth with the use of a form of toothbrush called miswak is considered sunnah , the way of Prophet Muhammad. Ritual ablution is also very important, as observed by the practices of wudu , ghusl , and tayammum water-free alternative using any natural surface such as rock, sand, or dust.

In this text Virginia Smith sets out to produce the twenty first century's general, but serious, history of hygiene. The title Clean might lead the reader into thinking the author is evaluating how well people in the past kept themselves pristine. Smith is more interested in evolving grooming practices, attitudes toward those practices, and their impact on the way people lived their lives than she is in judging past societies against some arbitrary standard of cleanliness. The text begins with the premise that cleanliness in personal hygiene is part of a complex set of grooming behaviors focused on enhancing the human body. These behaviors arise from the interaction of natural biological urges, which may have evolved both for health and psychological reasons, with technological developments and cultural mores. Together these three factors produce the unique practices of any individual society.

Clean: A History of Personal Hygiene and Purity

Judith Ridner does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. The surfactants found in soap lift germs from the skin , and water then washes them away. Yet few people know the long and dirty history of making soap, the product we all rely on to clean our skin. Ancient Mesopotamians were first to produce a kind of soap by cooking fatty acids — like the fat rendered from a slaughtered cow, sheep or goat — together with water and an alkaline like lye , a caustic substance derived from wood ashes. The result was a greasy and smelly goop that lifted away dirt.

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Access options available:. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Though her history of the topic of cleanliness is largely a medical history, it is rich with all sorts of insights, a number of which are provided through her forays into kindred disciplines. It is, after all, difficult to date and trace the history of cleanliness at least in such a compact book if the term itself is not a stable one. Boldly titling the book Clean may therefore have been a bit misleading, at least as an eye-catching strategy for preparing readers for the overall subject matter covered.

Virginia Smith. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Clean: A History of Personal Hygiene and Purity is an immensely readable book that discusses a critical aspect of our lives affecting our bodies every day; that is, cleanliness.

Journal of Social History

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