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6 most common pig diseases worldwide

This section deals with the specific conditions affecting pigs. It should be emphasised that the website is not intended as a diagnostic or self-help tool for animal health management on the farm. Diagnosis should always be carried out by a veterinary surgeon, in response to problems seen on the farm please see Disclaimer. We also encourage farmers to work with a veterinarian to establish preventive disease management plans and welfare promotion strategies. Animals having outdoor access, shade, shelter, lighting and sufficient space for them to undertake free movement and to exhibit natural behaviors. Implementing herd and flock planning based on sound ecological practices and epidemiological knowledge.

What Causes Clostridial Disease? Therefore outdoor herds are at greater risk of Clostridial disease than indoor herds. Sheep are also susceptible to clostridial disease, however, it is not necessary for pasture to have been grazed by sheep to create a risk to pigs. Clostridial infection can affect pigs of all ages and clostridial disease can take one of four forms:. Suboptimal outdoor environment and high outdoor infection pressure were cited as potential contributors to sow mortality caused by Cl. Clostridia are soil and fecal borne bacteria, and the spores they produce are very resistant to heat, UV light and disinfectant. Enteritis may affect only 3 or 4 litters in a herd Taylor, but can also cause large-scale outbreaks.


African swine fever, ASF is a contagious viral disease of pigs, with the potential to spread through pig populations and cause significant mortalities. Australia is currently free from ASF. If introduced, the disease would have devastating impacts on pig health and production and contribute to wider economic losses. ASF is different to swine influenza. The ASF virus is able to survive long periods in pork and pork meat products, including cured meats, hams, sausages, salamis and frozen pork products.

Greasy pig disease is a bacterial infection associated with young piglets fighting. A variety of diseases, parasites and disorders affect the skin of pigs, and can result in economic losses through sub-optimal growth rates Cargill and Davies, Skin lesions can be the result of parasitic disease, infectious agents, physical damage by the environment or other pigs, and developmental causes. Formally known as facial dermatitis, Greasy Pig Disease exudative epidermitis commonly affects neonatal piglets causing skin lesions on the cheeks, neck, ear tips and body. Lesions begin with dullness of the skin combined with small, brown scales on the skin surface.

Common diseases

This pig diseases guide is a reference list of pig diseases commonly encountered. It is not intended as an aid for diagnosing pig diseases but is intended to provide basic information about diseases that pork producers should be aware of. We recommend consulting a veterinarian for diagnosing, treating and controlling disease in the pig herd.

Skin conditions

In order for pig producers to be successful, keeping their animals healthy is key. To do that, it is essential to know about diseases that may occur in the herd. All staff working with the pigs should be able to spot the symptoms of common diseases and alert the manager or veterinarian, as appropriate.

General clinical signs associated with skin conditions

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Greasy Pig Disease is a bacterial infection of the skin of the pig, which is known by a variety of other names - Greasy Skin, Exudative Epidermitis, Marmite Disease.

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