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This book has changed lives of so many people. If you are lost and you are giving up.

It was written by Napoleon Hill in and has sold over 15 million copies. Riches begin with a state of mind.

Think and Grow Rich examines the psychological power of positive thought. Napoleon Hill delves into the importance of our thought patterns for our success. Napoleon describes that most successful people from the past combined these positive thought techniques with persistence, education, and supportive colleagues. We will all fail when seeking to obtain our life goals, but those willing to keep trying will become successful. However, it was highly successful.

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill [PDF + DVD] Kindle Version

Think and Grow Rich examines the psychological power of positive thought. Napoleon Hill delves into the importance of our thought patterns for our success. Napoleon describes that most successful people from the past combined these positive thought techniques with persistence, education, and supportive colleagues. We will all fail when seeking to obtain our life goals, but those willing to keep trying will become successful. However, it was highly successful. To date, Think and Grow Rich has sold more than 15 million copies.

This makes it one of the top ten best-selling self-help books of all time. Even in , BusinessWeek ranked Think and Grow Rich as the sixth best-selling paperback business book. Napoleon Hill was an American self-help author. The focus of each of his books was the importance of adopting specific principles to achieve personal and financial success. As well as writing self-help books, Napoleon toured the US and world giving lectures on personal success. The way to become successful is to know what you want to achieve.

Without clear goals, we cannot start our journey towards success. Therefore, Napoleon Hill recommends that people start their journey towards success by defining their personal goals in as precise terms as possible. If you hope to become rich, you should be defining how much money you want to earn by a certain age. Monetary- and time-specific goals will allow you to have a clear understanding of how much you will have to invest to accomplish this goal.

After identifying a goal and giving it a timeframe, you will then want to outline a plan. This plan should incorporate a step-by-step approach to attaining your final goal. Once you have this plan, you need to act. Start straight away and do not waste a minute. These recommendations will help keep you motivated and focused on the next goal you need to focus on to obtain your overall goal.

Napoleon explains you can attain what you seek as long as you hold onto your desires. However, this does not mean you should desire the outcome. For example, merely wishing for money will get you nowhere. Instead, you must become obsessive about producing effective plans and attainable goals that will help you with your desired outcome.

Napoleon provides an outline that can help you to systematically plan your way to becoming wealthy:. No one is ready for a thing, until he believes he can acquire it. Open-mindedness is essential for belief. Unwavering faith is a fantastic asset to have. According to Napoleon, individuals who have an unwavering faith are generally those who will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

This is because you cannot achieve success without self-confidence. Napoleon gives the example of Mahatma Gandhi to support the power of faith and self-confidence.

Gandhi did not have access to the typical instruments of power: money and the military. Instead, he had an unwavering belief that he could lead his country, India, to freedom from British colonial rule. This belief allowed him to develop a significant influence over his fellow countrymen and subsequently spark a change. We are no different from Gandhi. If we can harness an unwavering belief in ourselves and our ability to attain our goals, we can achieve anything.

Napoleon states that faith cannot coexist with fear. Therefore, once we have mastered all fears, we can have an unwavering faith to grow rich. Napoleon divides fear into six subtypes:. All fears fall under one of these bullet points. All fearful thoughts can never result in acts of significant financial fain. However, we can easily redirect our minds away from fearful thoughts. Therefore, you can control your fate by controlling your mind and, thus, overcome fear and accumulate all your desired riches.

Napoleon described fear as being a state of mind. As we control our state of mind, we can decide not to be controlled by these fears. Unwavering faith is not something we are all born with. However, we can learn to develop this faith over time. Auto-suggestion involves considering particular and purposeful thoughts to influence your behaviors. Auto-suggestion works by fueling your subconscious with positive goals and thoughts.

As your subconscious impacts your reality, these positive messages will increase your self-belief. Subsequently, you will start to accept that you can reach your goals.

Auto-suggestion is synonymous with self-suggestion. Napoleon described it as the bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Therefore, as well as reading important goals out loud, you also need to attach emotions to these words. When reciting affirmations, you should encourage your desire to consume you. Your subconscious mind will only instigate action when emotions and thoughts are attached. Napoleon recommends using auto-suggestion as often as you can.

The more often you utilize auto-suggestion, the more likely that you will achieve success. Adding to the chapter on desire, Napoleon also recommends the following steps toward becoming rich:.

An educated man is one who has so developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything he wants, or its equivalent, without violating the rights of others. Napoleon sees knowledge as one of the most critical skills for achieving your life goals. However, he does not mean knowledge in the traditional sense.

He recommends you throw out your preconceived ideas of how important education is. Henry Ford is a perfect example of a person who lacked traditional education but was filled with valuable knowledge. Instead, it is more important to acquire the right experiences and knowledge.

Combining experience, knowledge, and strengths will help you to develop substantially. Although experience is more important, we should always be willing to learn more. It is easy to believe we already know enough. Still, those who are genuinely successful are the people who continue to expand their knowledge and experiences as they age.

You can easily do this by seeking new experiences or going to university, attending evening courses, or acquiring practical experiences. Additionally, you should always try to surround yourself with people who are also knowledgeable and have had a wide range of experiences.

We do not want to be the most knowledgeable person in our professional and friendship groups. Instead, we want to surround ourselves with people who can help us learn new skills and ideas.

Every success story begins with an idea. Therefore, our imagination is like the creative workshop of our minds. We can utilize our imagination to turn dreams into ideas. Then, these ideas can be turned into reality. Within your imagination is where all plans are created and formed. The only limitation you face depends on how much you develop your imagination.

According to Hill, there are two types of imagination: synthetic and creative. Creative Imagination — This type of imagination is what helps us come up with new ideas.

This type of imagination starts from nothing and creates something unique. This type of imagination can only be reached when your conscious mind is being stimulated through desire. Synthetic Imagination — This type of imagination utilizes old ideas to create new concepts. Nothing is created in this form of imagination because it works with existing mental material. These two types of imagination complement each other.

Ideas are the starting point for all fortunes, and they are the product of imagination. Napoleon gives the example of Asa Candler. Asa was the founder of Coca-Cola, which was ultimately formed from a headache medication approximately years ago. Candler took the recipe from a pharmacist and, through marketing, turned the product into a huge success. Indeed, a truly wise salesperson will know that ideas can be traded where tangible merchandise cannot.

Nearly all considerable fortunes begin when an individual with an excellent idea meets an individual who sells ideas. When matched with desire, ideas are unstoppable forces.

They are more powerful than the brains that created them. Thus, you must listen, cultivate, and develop a desire to see them through. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is all about self-awareness. If we are aware of our weaknesses, we can challenge them and prevent them from impacting our goals. Some of the most common weaknesses are vague goals, lacking ambition, procrastinating, and lacking resolve.

Summary: Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

In order to become rich, you must have a strong burning desire that can carry you through all the obstacles to your goal and help motivate you as things become difficult. However, you need to foster desire along very specific steps. These six steps now follow. This ending point should be high but achievable and make it as definite and exact as you can. Even go down to the cent if you like. No one becomes rich by doing nothing. Like with the monetary goal be specific in what you plan to do to acquire that cash.

Ready to learn the most important takeaways from Think and Grow Rich in less than two minutes? Keep reading! Hill believed that what separates the rich is psychological, which means the only thing standing between you and untold wealth is picking up this book. Key Takeaways: A burning desire to win is essential to success You must possess a burning desire that will carry you past setbacks on the path to achieving your dream. Example: With no money, education, or connections, Edwin Barnes achieved his goal of working with Thomas Edison through a willingness to sacrifice everything in order to succeed.

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Any reference to “Think And Grow. Rich” within the text or domain name is by necessity in reference to the title of book. Free Digital Download PDF eBook Edition.

Think and Grow Rich Summary and Review

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Think And Grow Rich Book Summary (PDF) by Napoleon Hill

[FREE] Think and Grow Rich PDF by Napoleon Hill (1937)

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This is the original version of Napoleon Hill's Classic Book: Think and Grow Rich. To the greatest extent possible, the text and formatting have been kept.

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