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synonyms and antonyms lesson plan pdf

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My Education. Log in with different email For more assistance contact customer service. Entire library. Lesson plans. Fifth Grade. Vocabulary Builders: Synonyms and Antonyms. Lesson plan. Share this lesson plan. In this engaging vocabulary lesson plan, students will learn to use a thesaurus to generate interesting synonyms and antonyms for several target words. Contents Contents:. Grade Fifth Grade.

Thank you for your input. No standards associated with this content. Which set of standards are you looking for? Students will be able to generate synonyms and antonyms for target words. Introduction 5 minutes. Draw a circle on the board with the word "big" inside.

This is the start of a word web. In blue, draw a line out from the center circle and write the word "large. Remind students that words that have similar meanings are called synonyms. Write the definition on the board in blue. In red, draw a line out from the center circle and write the word "small.

Remind students that words with opposite meanings are called antonyms. Write the definition on the board in red. Explain that synonyms and antonyms can help us build our vocabulary. They can help us understand the meaning of an unfamiliar word.

For example, if we know that "big" is a synonym of "colossal," then we understand what "colossal" means. Add "colossal" to the word web in blue.

Or, if we know that "diminutive" is an antonym for "big", we understand that it must mean "small. They can help us make our writing more interesting. For example, instead of saying, "The big dog chewed on a big bone," we might replace the word "big" with a synonym and say, "The large dog chewed on a colossal bone.

For example, "colossal" means "extremely big" so it would be appropriate when describing a blue whale but not when describing your biggest pencil. Use a document camera to show students how to use a thesaurus. Remind students that a thesaurus is a tool that lists synonyms and antonyms for words. Choose a word to look up, like "big.

Point out the target word "big" and direct students' attention to the words that are listed alongside the target word. Explain that, depending on the thesaurus you use, there will be many synonyms, but only one or two antonyms. Tell students that, to find more antonyms, they can look for synonyms of a known antonym. For example, to find more antonyms for "big," they could look for synonyms of "small. If they are not sure about the specific meaning of a synonym, they should use a dictionary to find the definition of the synonym remind them of the example: "colossal" vs.

Guided Practice 15 minutes. Hand out cards from the Synonym Memory Game so that each student receives one card. Play a mingle game with the cards: Have students walk around the room looking for someone who has a synonym for the word on their card.

When they find their synonym partner, instruct them to pick up a thesaurus and a blank piece of paper. Then direct them to sit with their partner. Note: each pair of students will need only one thesaurus and one piece of paper. Tell students to choose one of the words on their synonym cards and use the thesaurus to make a word web with their partner.

Remind students to include synonyms and antonyms on their word web, like the example word web from earlier in the lesson. Independent working time 10 minutes. Instruct students to complete the worksheet independently. Circulate and offer support as needed. Download to read more.

Support: Have students look up the word on their card prior to the mingle game. Review dictionary and thesaurus basics with the worksheet Writing Resources see optional materials. In lieu of the independent practice worksheet, have students focus on synonyms for just one target word, like "smart" see optional materials.

Enrichment: Allow students to play the synonym memory game during word work time in class. Have students look back at a piece of their own writing and replace boring words, like "happy" or "big," with more interesting synonyms. Assessment 5 minutes. On the board, write a target word, like "happy. Have students hold up their whiteboards and scan their answers to gauge understanding. Call on a student to read their synonym out loud. Then call on a student to read their antonym. Repeat with several target words, like "young", "slow," and "dark.

Review and closing 5 minutes. Play a song for students to review the concepts that were covered in the lesson, like "A Smile and a Frown" by Grammaropolis see related media. Related learning resources. Synonyms and Antonyms Worksheet. Try this synonyms worksheet with your third grader. This synonyms worksheet gets your child to find words with the same meanings. Grammar Galore.

Get your fifth grader clued into advanced grammar. She'll get to edit a few improper sentences, work on different parts of speech, and practice using correct punctuation marks.

Help your child get to know prepositions and prepositional phrases with this grammar worksheet. Multiple Meaning Words Worksheet. This multiple meaning words worksheet uses context clues to help kids make sense of homonyms, or words with multiple meanings. What is Onomatopoeia? This worksheet is full of all kinds of sound-based words, from creaks to squeaks.

Reading Comprehension. These articles, short stories, fairy tales and fables teach kids about a wide range of subjects so your child can learn more about history and science while improving literacy and vocabulary skills. Get Ready for Fourth Grade. Writing Instructions.

Help your child learn to write clearly and concisely by writing her own set of "how to" instructions. Scrambled Similes. This worksheet will help your child understand what similes are, and she'll even get to use her imagination to write some of her own!

Adding Adjectives. Time to saddle up some adjectives! Descriptive language adds interest to writing. Your little cowpoke can practice adding adjectives to a paragraph. Build Vocabulary with Synonyms and Antonyms. Kids identify synonyms and antonyms in this silly worksheet.

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Introduction to Antonyms

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1. I will distribute a word card to each student, and tell them to look at the word written in black on their card 2. Students will find the person with the word that has similar meaning (synonyms). Students will find the person who has a word with the opposite meaning of their word (antonyms).


Bookmark this to easily find it later. Then send your curated collection to your children, or put together your own custom lesson plan. My Education. Log in with different email For more assistance contact customer service.

Procedure Students will listen, speak, read, write, view, and represent to comprehend and respond personally and critically to oral, print and other media texts. Students will extend sight vocabulary to include predictable phrases and words related to language use 1. Students will compare synonyms and antonyms 2. Students will define the difference between synonyms and antonyms. Smart board lesson Synonym and antonym worksheet Introduction 3 minutes.

Your Email Address. All rights reserved. Students will recall the terms synonyms and antonyms while expanding their vocabulary.

Synonyms are words that mean about the same thing; antonyms are words that mean the opposite of each other. They are important for building vocabulary and enhancing reading comprehension. The free worksheets below may be accessed for viewing or downloading by clicking on the title.

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