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The term "dialectical materialism" was erroneously attributed to Marx and Engels by Lenin, but was probably first used to describe the Marxist world view by the Russian Menshevik Georgy Plekhanov in Marxist dialectics emphasizes the importance of real-world conditions, in terms of class, labor, and socioeconomic interactions. Article shared by.

Dialectical materialism

First published September ; Transcribed by M. Dialectical materialism is the world outlook of the Marxist-Leninist party. It is called dialectical materialism because its approach to the phenomena of nature, its method of studying and apprehending them, is dialectical , while its interpretation of the phenomena of nature, its conception of these phenomena, its theory, is materialistic. Historical materialism is the extension of the principles of dialectical materialism to the study of social life, an application of the principles of dialectical materialism to the phenomena of the life of society, to the study of society and of its history. When describing their dialectical method, Marx and Engels usually refer to Hegel as the philosopher who formulated the main features of dialectics.

Stalin on the Compromise with the Peasantry on Private Plots, If you want to strengthen the artel, if you want to have a massive collective farm movement, which must embrace millions of farms, and not ones and hundreds, if you want this to get this, then under present conditions you must necessarily take into account the individual interests of the collective farmers as well as their general interests…. You are by no means considering the individual interests of the collective farmers, when you say that no more than one tenth of a hectare [private] plot of ground to is given to a collective farmer. Some think that it is impossible to give a cow, others think that it is impossible to give a sow. In general you want to squeeze the collective farmer. This action will not come off.

Dialectical Materialism

Dialectical materialism , a philosophical approach to reality derived from the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. For Marx and Engels, materialism meant that the material world, perceptible to the senses , has objective reality independent of mind or spirit. They did not deny the reality of mental or spiritual processes but affirmed that ideas could arise, therefore, only as products and reflections of material conditions. Marx and Engels understood materialism as the opposite of idealism , by which they meant any theory that treats matter as dependent on mind or spirit, or mind or spirit as capable of existing independently of matter. For them, the materialist and idealist views were irreconcilably opposed throughout the historical development of philosophy. They adopted a thoroughgoing materialist approach, holding that any attempt to combine or reconcile materialism with idealism must result in confusion and inconsistency.

Diversity of "modern" world-views. The unity of the natural sciences. The unity of dialectical materialism. Its opponents. The problem: Presentation of dialectical materialism in its historical development. Two basic trends in the modern world-view: the proletarian and the bourgeois. An intermediate trend: the petty-bourgeois, a variety of the bourgeois trend.

Commonly, scholars equate historical materialism and dialectical materialism, though some believe these to be two different philosophical outlooks. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

STUDY COURSE. of the. Comintern (SH). Begin your study with. Dialectical and Historical Materialism. (September ) HTML. PDF · QUOTATIONS. 4 TEXT.

Dialectical and Historical Materialism

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Karl Marx was born in , at Treves in Germany.

Dialectical Materialism and Historical Dialectics of Karl Marx

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Historical Materialism: General Theory of History


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Historical materialism is the extension of the principles of dialectical materialism to the study of social life, an application of the principles of dialectical.

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Dialectical materialism is a philosophy of science , history , and nature developed in Europe and based on the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

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