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Joseph E. And can other developing countries replicate those policies to stimulate equally rapid growth? This article, based on case studies, econometric data, and economic theory, offers a list of the ingredients that contributed to that success.

Finance & Development, March 1994

Please register, and you will get it every month. In other words, sound macroeconomic management, free trade and investments in infrastructure and education were believed to be at the root of healthy development. The report acknowledged that many of the countries considered had relied on targeted government action in terms of agricultural policies, aid for exports, subsidised credit and deliberate reallocation of resources. Nonetheless, the authors stated that such government action had not been the main driver of success. She felt it would make more sense to find out how to build the kind of strong institutions that had led to convincing results because they were able to implement industrial policies in East Asia. The topic was then dropped.

The extraordinary growth enjoyed over the last several decades by many East Asian countries has amounted to nothing less than an economic miracle. Employing unorthodox policies, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand have all produced dramatic results with far-reaching improvements in human welfare and income distribution, leading many to ask whether a similar achievement can be duplicated elsewhere. Written for the nonspecialist, this World Bank Policy Research Report--the first in an important new series--discusses in detail the means by which these high-performing Asian economies HPAEs realized their staggering success between and Examining how these countries stabilized their economies with sound development programs that led to fast growth, the book also shows how they shared the new prosperity by making income distribution more equitable. The book makes clear how the HPAEs promoted rapid capital accumulation by making banks more reliable and encouraging high levels of domestic savings, while universal primary schooling and better primary and secondary education quickly increased their skilled labor forces.

Four Asian Tigers

Between the early s and s, they underwent rapid industrialization and maintained exceptionally high growth rates of more than 7 percent a year. By the early 21st century, these economies had developed into high-income economies , specializing in areas of competitive advantage. Hong Kong and Singapore have become leading international financial centres , whereas South Korea and Taiwan are leaders in manufacturing electronic components and devices. Their economic success have served as role models for many developing countries , especially the Tiger Cub Economies of southeast Asia. In , the World Bank report The East Asian Miracle credited neoliberal policies to have caused the economic boom, including the maintenance of export-oriented policies , low taxes, and minimal welfare states. Institutional analyses found that some level of state intervention was involved.

Thailand, that our Development Economics Vice Presidencywould un- dertake a comparative study of economic growth and public policy in. East Asia.

Beyond the East Asian Miracle: Introducing the Market‐Enhancing View

To say that its findings were controversial would be an understatement. It was the target of wide-ranging academic comment and sometimes-virulent criticism. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.

Several writers have argued that the Bank has a relatively large amount of autonomy—from the state interests of its overseers, and that its staff have some autonomy from the senior management. It manages to discuss autonomy without conveying anything of the political and economic substance of the field of forces in which the Bank operates. The episode involves a Japanese challenge to the World Bank and its core ideas about the role of the state in the strategy for economic development.

Don't have an account? This chapter discusses the relevant parts of the contributions included in this volume. The potential role of government in resolving coordination failures; how government policy can complement decentralized coordination; the use of contingent rents versus the use of direct policies; a framework for analyzing the roles of the private sector and government in coordinating economic activity; the political-economy structures of East Asian economies; and the motivations of government and the bureaucracy are discussed. Oxford Scholarship Online requires a subscription or purchase to access the full text of books within the service.

[Read PDF] The East Asian Miracle: Economic Growth and Public Policy (World Bank Policy Research

Never before have countries expanded so fast for so long.

Four Asian Tigers

This paper empirically examines the impact of different types of government expenditure on economic growth in Thailand. A General to Specific Model GSM is used to estimate the short-run and long-run effects of such expenditure on growth, employing quarterly data for the period Our findings indicate that only budgetary and extra-budget fund EBF expenditure yield growth enhancing effects in both short-run and long-run timeframes. The effect of the direct loan net of budget deficit financing is not found to be statistically significant due to its potential crowding-out effect on private investment. These results draw the policy implication that budgetary expenditure remains the most preferable mode for the government to increases spending within the economy.

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The success ofmany of the economies in East Asia in achieving rapid and equitable growth, often in the context of activist public policies, raises.

Masahiko Aoki, Hyung-Ki Kim, and Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara

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