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dictionary of architectural and building technology pdf

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Dictionary of Architecture & Construction

A building, or edifice, is a structure with a roof and [1] walls standing more or less permanently in one place, such as a house or factory. To better understand the term building compare the list of nonbuilding structures. Buildings serve several societal needs — primarily as shelter from weather, security, living space, privacy, to store belongings, and to comfortably live and work. A building as a shelter represents a physical division of the human habitat a place of comfort and safety and the outside a place that at times may be harsh and harmful. Ever since the first cave paintings , buildings have also become objects or canvasses of much artistic expression.

Civil Engineering Dictionary and Encyclopedia Collection

Harris defines more terms in architecture and building construction than other dictionaries in the English language. Because there have been significant changes, advances, and new developments in building materials and services, construction techniques, engineering practices, specifications writing, environmental concerns, community regulations, legal requirements, and other areas over the last decade, a total of new terms, as well as new illustrations, have been added to this edition. The coverage provides an up to date working tool for practicing professionals in the many fields and numerous trades related to architecture and construction, as well as an invaluable resource for conservationists, planners, architectural historians, and students. Dictionary of Architecture and Construction is designed to be comprehensive in scope. Many of the new terms are associated with major expansions in the field of building services, including air conditioning systems, electrical supply systems, gas supply services, illumination engineering, noise control engineering, vertical transportation systems, security services and waste disposal, water supply, and fire protection systems. Other definitions pertain to environmental concerns, conservation, building preservation, community regulations, and recent applications of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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(EN) (PDF) – Dictionary of Architecture & Construction | Cyril M. Harris

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Dictionary of Architecture and Building Construction

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