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Relay circuits

ISO Micro Relay 4 pin. ISO Micro Relay 5 pin. ISO Mini Relay 4 pin. ISO Mini Relay 5 pin. ISO Maxi Relay 4 pin. View our ISO relay holders. Great service - and for a fairly unusual fuse. Thank you : ". All rights reserved. Search for products using a part number or keyword, or try one of our other search tools.

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To learn more please read our cookie policy. Why Use a Relay? Why Use a Relay in a Car? A relay is an electrically operated switch. They commonly use an electromagnet coil to operate their internal mechanical switching mechanism contacts. When a relay contact is open, this will switch power ON for a circuit when the coil is activated. The example relay diagrams below show how a relay works. Why use a Relay? Relays allow a low current circuit to control one or more higher current circuits.

Relays provide these benefits; 1. Thinner cables can be used to connect the control switch to the relay thereby saving weight, space and cost. Relays allow power to be routed to a device over the shortest distance, thereby reducing voltage loss. Heavy gauge cable only needs to be used to connect a power source via the relay to the device. There are several benefits of using a relay in a car. Firstly using a relay means the switching circuit does not require a high current rated switch or cable which reduces cost and weight.

Secondly, relays can be positioned anywhere in the vehicle to provide efficient power transfer to the electrical accessory you are controlling. Relays are perfect for controlling many circuits in a car like headlights, electric motors, heater etc. How to Understand the Electrical Specifications of a Relay Basic relays feature electrical ratings for both the coil and the internal switching contacts.

The coil voltage rating is the voltage required for the coil to operate correctly. The switching circuit of the relay also features a voltage and ampere rating. This is the maximum rating of the switch contacts and should NOT be exceeded. Double throw relays often have 2 x switch electrical specifications. One for the normally open terminal, the other for the normally closed terminal. Why are Protection Devices used in a Relay?

Relays can produce a large voltage spike when they are switched off due to the coil de-energising. Resistors are more durable than diodes, but not quite as efficient at eliminating voltage spikes. The difference between a 4 and 5 pin relay is that a 4 pin relay is used to control a single circuit, whereas a 5 pin relay switches power between two circuits.

There are 2 types of 4 pin relay available; normally open or normally closed. A normally open relay will switch power ON for a circuit when the coil is activated. A normally closed relay will switch power OFF for a circuit when the coil is activated. They have both normally open and normally closed connection pins. When the coil is activated, power will be switched from the normally closed pin to the normally open pin. ISO relays are designed for use in the automotive industry and adhere to a standard pattern for their electrical terminals.

The newer ISO relays use a smaller pin terminal that is 2. Should you require diode protection, please contact sales. Example 2. Note: These circuits have been simplified to illustrate the function of a relay and therefore exclude fuse protection that would be required. Contact Us Top of Page.

Working of Relays

ISO Micro Relay 4 pin. ISO Micro Relay 5 pin. ISO Mini Relay 4 pin. ISO Mini Relay 5 pin. ISO Maxi Relay 4 pin.

The relay is an automatic protective and switching device which is capable of sensing abnormal conditions in electrical circuits. These are operated to open or close the load contacts in response to one or more electrical quantities like voltage and current. Relays are used in a wide variety of applications like electric power systems, home appliances, automobiles, industrial equipments, digital computers, etc. Relays are classified into several types based on their functionality and application they are implemented for. These classifications include electromagnetic, solid state, high voltage, thermal relays, and so on. Therefore, this document is intended to describe about a few basic types of relays that are popularly used in typical load-control applications. This document explains each and every relay and its working principle with appropriate figures.

ISO Micro Relay 4 pin. ISO Micro Relay 5 pin. ISO Mini Relay 4 pin. ISO Mini Relay 5 pin. ISO Maxi Relay 4 pin. View our ISO relay holders.

Different Types of Relays and Their Working Principles

A relay is an electrically operated switch. It consists of a set of input terminals for a single or multiple control signals, and a set of operating contact terminals. The switch may have any number of contacts in multiple contact forms , such as make contacts, break contacts, or combinations thereof. Relays are used where it is necessary to control a circuit by an independent low-power signal, or where several circuits must be controlled by one signal.

The development of relays was initiated in the period As a part of the invention of the electrochemical telegraph, the electrolytic relay was found by Samuel in the year Thereafter, this invention was asserted by the scientist Henry in so as to make an improvised version of the telegraph and later developed this in the year Whereas in , Davy absolutely discovered the relay, but the original patent rights were given by Samuel in the year for the initial invention of the electric relay. The approach of this device appeared the same as a digital amplifier thus replicating the telegraph signal and allowing for longer distance propagation.

Definition: The relay is the device that open or closes the contacts to cause the operation of the other electric control. It detects the intolerable or undesirable condition with an assigned area and gives the commands to the circuit breaker to disconnect the affected area. Thus protects the system from damage.

Electromechanical relays may be connected together to perform logic and control functions, acting as logic elements much like digital gates AND, OR, etc. A very common form of schematic diagram showing the interconnection of relays to perform these functions is called a ladder diagram. Also Read : Digital Logic Gates.


ISO Micro Relay 4 pin. ISO Micro Relay 5 pin. ISO Mini Relay 4 pin. ISO Mini Relay 5 pin. ISO Maxi Relay 4 pin. View our ISO relay holders.

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White Paper on Different Types of Relays

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Working of Relays


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Electromechanical relays may be connected together to perform logic and control functions, acting as logic elements much like digital gates AND, OR, etc.

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A relay can be defined as a switch.

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