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verbal and nonverbal test in ssb pdf

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The OIR Test comprises of 2 tests one verbal and another non-verbal which consists of 20 questions each having 17 minutes and 22 minutes respectively. The questions asked are used to gauge the intelligence and reasoning of the candidate. The paper is easy when compared to other exams like Banking, SSC and other competitive exams.

We can say that the first test conducted in SSB interview is Officer Intelligence Rating Test, OIR test is a written exam consisting of questions consisting simple linguistic, logical, analytical, and mathematical questions to test the common sense of the candidates.

verbal test of intelligence pdf

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However, this difference was not found for the normal group. The subjects are warned to make their pencils and pens ready before administration of the test. For this component you answered 0 questions of 10 correctly. In this test you are given with a large no of questions which you have to solve in a very short period of time. Reynolds, PhD. In addition, the verbal intelligence was significantly lower than the nonverbal intelligence for the students with dyslexia-dysgraphia. Your verbal intelligence is tested, for example when solving crosswords or translating a text.

Non Verbal Reasoning Questions. Tag Archives: ssb oir test questions pdf. Officer Intelligence Rating Test. This test comprises of two test booklets, each booklet has around 40 sometimes 50 questions for which you will be given 17 Minutes time will increase for Non verbal intelligence test contains pictures and candidate need to guess the answer of the question in the form of a picture. Jan 17 Janu. Therefore, you can practice the questions of korolevann. Unknown 25 September at Hi Would you please let me know when can you upload part 2 of verbal and non verbal test bakwaas.

SSB OIR Test Sample Questions

Non — Verbal Reasoning is problem-solving using pictures and diagrams. It tests the ability to analyse visual information and solve problems based on visual reasoning. Often, children are asked to look at a series of diagrams and find the odd one out, or the next in the sequence. To the right is an example of a non-verbal reasoning question. Try a free NVR demo.

Today we are going to discuss a very important topic Officer Intelligence Rating OIR Test which is a crucial part of a candidate's screening procedure. Many students have a dream to join the armed forces as an officer and lead men into the battlefield. Now clearing SSB interview is another mammoth task. Let's start with the introduction of the OIR test first in the screening procedure first. It is the test of the level of intelligence and competence of a candidate. The OIR test basically is a test of verbal and non-verbal reasoning of a candidate. The OIR Test comprises of two booklets, one verbal and another non-verbal each consisting of approximately 40 questions for which the time allotted is 22 minutes and 17 minutes respectively.

Here are few more common question comes in Verbal and Non Verbal test. The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence If you have the PDF of the AFCAT Result then please Do Upload it.

Verbal and Non- Verbal Questions in SSB

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Evaluate fluid or nonverbal intelligence with an assessment tool from PAR. View our collection of assessments tools here for more information. Here is our first Verbal Intelligence Test for you to get yourself prepared for the initials as the same type of test is been given to the candidates for initials and at ISSB test centers.

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Verbal And Nonverbal Test Of Intelligence Pdf

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