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setting up of business entities and closure icsi pdf

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CS Executive Study Material 2020

Here in this page cs executive students may find suggested answers for all past attempts with cs executive papers, these question papers are very helpful for upcoming exam preparation. So now download cs executive old syllabus and new syllabus question papers in pdf format from below direct download links…. Before download we can tell you question papers are very important for exam paper. So download these question papers. What I understand there are 9 questions wrong in CS Executive taxation papers held in June and once question is out of course. Can anyone verify. What I understand there are 9 questions wrong in CS Executive papers held in June and once question is out of course.

Setting up of Business Entities & Closure

Sangeet Kedia, 42, B. Along with this, he is also a Consultant for Corporate Laws and Secretarial Matters to number of well reputed companies. He has a teaching and industry experience of more than 15 years. Sangeet Kedia is a well known name since , as a highly reputed teacher, in the CS students fraternity. He has addressed various career counseling and academic programmes.

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CS Executive: Setting up of Business Entities and Closure pdf. Lesson 2 - Company. 7 lessons. Lesson 3 - Charter documents of a company and its.

CS Executive - Setting Up of Business Entities and Closure ( SBEC) - Book

So it is time to start CS Executive exam preparation. Before going to start exam preparation, one should know CS Executive Syllabus CS Executive Syllabus consists of 8 Papers. ICSI has designed these Chapters in order to make students learn the subject in a step by step manner. If you have any queries regarding CS Executive new Syllabus, you can ask via the comment box.

Further, Company formed under section 8 of the Companies Act, or under section 25 of the earlier Companies Act of is a non-profit business entity. Nevertheless, the factors of nature of business and scale of operations are the most basic ones in the selection of a form of ownership for setting up of a business organisation. All other factors are dependent on these basic considerations. Depending upon the requirements of the business, the demands of the situation and sometimes even the personal preference of the owner, the choice of a form of ownership is made.

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Kick Start your exam preparation and make use of these as Study Material for your reference. Students can download the study material by referring to the complete article. CS Syllabus for Executive Syllabus is prevailing on this page or you can refer to the official website.


CS Executive Study Material contains an in-depth explanation of topics and concepts that will be covered in the exam. In addition to the study material, ICSI also conducts webinars for the preparation of the exam. Registered candidates can access the webinars by logging in using their registration numbers suffixed with ' icsi. Candidates by going through the CS Executive Study Material get a better grasp of concepts and prepare for their exam in a better way.

The primary objective behind introducing the Setting up of Business Entities and Closure subject in the CS Executive Module 1 syllabus is to help the test-takers to understand about the business entities and closure. Understanding of the different types of businesses entities. Understanding the company formation and its other features. The different laws that are applicable for business incorporation. Moreover, the past question papers are also kept in mind while preparing the curriculum.

Further, Company formed under section 8 of the Companies Act, or under section 25 of the earlier Companies Act of is a non-profit business entity. •.

Company Secretary Executive Syllabus

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CS Executive Syllabus with Subject wise details – Dec 2020

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