Failure Analysis Of Paints And Coatings Pdf

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failure analysis of paints and coatings pdf

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Failure Analysis of Paints and Coatings PDF Download

Improper surface preparation - Cleaning chemical pretreatment of surface roughnim 2. Improper coating selection. Improper application 4. Improper drying , curing and over coating times. Lack of protection against water and apqueous system.

Mechanical damage. Failures Are devided into three general catagories: 1. Formation related failures: - chalking , erosion , checking , alligataring , cracking , mud cracking , wrinkling , biological failures , discoloration. Substrate related failures: - Previously used steel , galvanized or metallic zinc surface , aluminium , copper , wood , concrete coating failure etc. Physical defect related failures: - Defect failures like blisters , bubbles and craters colour mismcdch , dirt , fisheyes , glass variation , mottle , orange peel , runs , sags and curtains , paint adhesion loss , soft paint films , solvent popping , boiling and pinholes , solvent wash etc.

Lime-wash: One of the most effective materials for use on old stone walls and plaster and breathes very well. Distemper: It is easy to use and is good for old walls there are different types of acceptable distemper. Emulsion paints: May be suitable for ehurches built over the last 50 years that have damp course and cavity walls.

Micro-porous paints: They may be suitable for some churches. But will take if applied over softer paints. Backed by a customer driven service , our facilities process a wide variety of component sizes to exacting standards with reliable , repeatable results.

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Failure Analysis of Paints and Coatings PDF Download

When coatings fail it can at best lead to cosmetic problems and at worst lead to product failure. Ensuring the cause of the failure is identified is essential in correcting the problem. Coating failures on steel and concrete construction materials occur quite frequently and often at considerable cost in remedial action, lost business and reputation. Surface analysis methods can offer a direct evaluation of samples and, along with expert opinion, determine the origins of the failure which could occur in any of the following areas:. In this case study, a top-coat disbondment has occurred from the red primer layer on steel bridge girders used in motorway construction. The photographs show the construction site and close up views of the underside of a girder with catastrophic delamination of the gray top-coat from the red primer layer.

failure analysis of paints and coatings

A significant amount of financial loss is incurred every year as a result of premature failure of protective paints and coatings. The cost to repair such failures far outweighs the initial cost of painting due to the extreme cost and liability associated with excessive rigging and downtime to correct the problem. The stages of analysis performed when conducting paint or coating failure analysis investigation should begin with the collection of background data and sample removal. This step includes site inspection, information regarding the current history of the failure, all relevant record keeping, and records on past failures if applicable. A preliminary examination of the failed coating and the substrate, as well as a non-destructive examination of the failure, with extensive photographic documentation, precedes any destructive laboratory evaluation and analysis.

Coatings are used on buildings and structures to protect the components of each from weather, and any conditions the components will be exposed to. A properly applied coating can last for years, but a coating that has improperly applied can fail quickly. Most coating failures are caused by insufficient surface preparation, which lead to a failure in the bond of the coating to the substrate. Other common causes of failure include inadequate temperature during coating, excessive moisture or air movement, improper mixing of components, and inadequate or excessive thickness of the applied coating.

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Failure Analysis Of Paints And Coatings Pdf Download

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Failure analysis and life assessment of coating

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