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weight chart according to height and age in kg pdf

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Our ideal weight chart includes many of the most common formulas and methods for calculating ideal weight. If you are interested in losing weight , you can use the weight zones shown in our charts based on your BMI or Body Mass Index as a guide for choosing your target weight.

Human body weight

These are two cardinal truths that amply define what health is all about. Merely being free from disease or infirmity does not reflect your health in totality. Your health should project your functional efficiency defined through the overall condition of your body, mind and spirit. Sound health is a prerequisite for happiness. While for adults, it is vital for defining your quality of life, for children, it is essential for proper growth, both physically and mentally. An indicative measure of good health in adults is manifest in the height and weight chart, while in children it attains greater importance since it is the benchmark for the overall development of the child.

Ideal Weight Chart & Calculator

Body mass index, or BMI, is one way a person can check if their weight is healthy or not. BMI takes both height and weight into consideration. BMI is not the only factor that affects this risk. Other tools for assessing whether a person has a healthy weight include waist-to-hip ratio, waist-to-height ratio, and body-fat percentage. However, BMI is a useful starting point. This page provides some tools for people to work out their BMI. We are publishing the calculators here courtesy of The Calculator Site.

Body mass index BMI is a value derived from the mass weight and height of a person. The BMI may be determined using a table [note 1] or chart which displays BMI as a function of mass and height using contour lines or colours for different BMI categories, and which may use other units of measurement converted to metric units for the calculation. The BMI is a convenient rule of thumb used to broadly categorize a person as underweight , normal weight , overweight , or obese based on tissue mass muscle , fat, and bone and height. Commonly accepted BMI ranges are underweight under BMIs under 20 and over 25 have been associated with higher all-causes mortality, with the risk increasing with distance from the 20—25 range. Adolphe Quetelet , a Belgian astronomer, mathematician, statistician, and sociologist, devised the basis of the BMI between and as he developed what he called "social physics".

FREE 7+ Sample Ideal Weight Chart Templates in PDF · Ideal Weight Chart By Age Template · Ideal Weight Chart In Kg Template · Ideal Female Weight Chart.

Height Weight Chart: Ideal Weight for Men and Women

The ideal body weight of humans has been a topic of debate for a long time. Hundreds of research and formula have gone into the process, but the result is still debatable. It should be unique for everyone. Though a fact that needs to be mentioned that the results obtained by these methods are more than ideal.

Look up your healthy weight range on our height weight chart. The white band shows the healthy weight range for your height. This height weight chart is based on body mass index and the healthy weight range shown covers both men and women. Slim women tend to be towards the lower end of the healthy weight range, whilst men could still look slim at the top end of the healthy weight range. This is because of the differences in body composition between males and females.

Do you know what your ideal weight is?

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29+ Free Ideal Weight Charts in PDF | MS Word


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Human body weight refers to a person's mass or weight.

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