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ferrous and nonferrous metals and alloys pdf

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Introduction to Engineering Materials pp Cite as. Although there are very many metallic elements, it is customary to divide metals and alloys into two major categories, ferrous and non-ferrous. The former category covers the element iron and its alloys, while all the other metallic elements some 70 in number and their alloys are classified as non-ferrous.

That means each type of ferrous and non-ferrous metal has different qualities and uses.

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It can be difficult to distinguish metals from each other. We may think metals like copper and lead have more in common with steel or iron, when in reality they are more closely related to precious metals like gold and silver. The reason why is because metals and alloys can be categorized by having either ferrous or non-ferrous properties. To put it simply, the main difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals is the presence of iron. Ferrous metals contain iron while non-ferrous metals do not.

Sales Contacts. By: Dave Olsen. Ferrous alloys or metals are metals that consist mostly of iron Fe. Iron and steel are widely available, strong, cheap, and can be shaped by casting. Ferrous alloy properties can be improved by heat treating and, in the case of steels, by working i. There are several types of stainless steel.

Corrosion of Nonferrous Metals and Their Alloys

Unit Descriptor. This unit describes the skills to recommend ferrous and non ferrous metal and alloys for an application based upon a knowledge of their metallurgical properties. Application of the unit. This unit requires application and knowledge of metallurgical properties as a member of a design and development team or similar in support of the design and development of manufacturing applications where the final product or components are made from pure metal or alloys. Pre-requisite Units. Interpret basic binary phase diagrams.

Non-Ferrous Heavy Metals

Types of metals and their uses. Metals are found naturally and are mined from the earth. Metals used in products are extracted from the natural ore using large heat furnaces.

Stop wasting time on admin! Order your sheet metal fabrication online. Immediate pricing and short lead times all over the UK. What is the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals?

Corrosion comprises the reaction between a metal or alloy and its surrounding environment. The corrosion process depends on the properties of both metal and alloy and surrounding environment. Usually, the more important factors affecting corrosion are concentration, acidity pH , fluid flow velocity , temperature, and potential oxidizing power. Steel and other ferrous alloys are consumed in exceedingly large quantities because they have such a wide range of mechanical properties, may be fabricated with relative ease, and are economical to produce.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are different both in chemistry and in the way they are used.

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Ferrous materials/metals may be defined as those metals whose main constituent is iron such as pig iron, wrought iron, cast iron, steel and their alloys.

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In metallurgy , non-ferrous metals are metals or alloys that do not contain iron ferrite in appreciable amounts.

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ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. Categories of metal. Ferrous metals all have certain properties: •Zinc often used with other metals to form alloys.

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