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Long out of print, it was reissued in April

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The Elemental Dialectic of Light and Darkness

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They that build buildings, their places are no more. What has been done with them? I have heard the words of Imhotep and Hardedef, with whose sayings men speak so much. What are their places now? Their walls are crumbled, their places are non-existent, as if they had never been.

No one returns from there, so that he might tell us their disposition, that he might tell us how they are, that he might still our hearts until we shall go to the place where they have gone. Make holiday and weary not therein! Behold, it is not given to a man to take his property with him. Behold, no one who goes can come back again. Comus enters with a Charming Rod in one hand, his Glass in the other; with him a rout of Monsters, headed like sundry sorts of wild Beasts.

They come in making a riotous and unruly noise, with Torches in their hands. It is far too dark for eyes to be of value. There is no reason to be more specific at this point.

In his right hand, the man bears the staff of his Master, and it guides him through the dark. It tugs him this way, that way. It burns his hand, his fingers, his opposing thumb if his foot strays a step from its ordained path. When the man reaches a certain place within the darkness, he mounts seven steps to a stone dais and raps three times upon it with the staff.

Then there is light, dim and orange and crowded into corners. It shows the edges of the enormous, unfilled room. He reverses the staff and screws it into a socket in the stone. Had you ears in that room, you would hear a sound as of winged insects circling near you, withdrawing, returning. Only the man hears it, though. There are over two thousand other people present, but they are all of them dead. They come up out of the transparent rectangles which now appear in the floor, come up unbreathing, unblinking and horizontal, and they rest upon invisible catafalques at a height of two feet, and their garments and their skins are of all colors and their bodies of all ages.

Now some have wings and some have tails, and some have horns and some long talons. Some have all of these things, and some have pieces of machinery built into them and some do not Many others look like the man, unmodified.

The man wears yellow breeches and a sleeveless shirt of the same color. His belt and cloak are black. The air is filled and stirred. There comes a moaning and a creaking of brittle joints, then movement Rustling, clicking, chafing, they sit up, they stand up. Then sound and movement cease, and the dead stand like unlit candles beside their opened graves. He questions two others: a man who had been ancient of days, with a clock built into his left wrist, and a black dwarf with horns and hooves and the tail of a goat.

The man leads them. He leads the dead whom he has summoned back to movement, and they follow him. They follow him through corridors and galleries and halls, and up wide, straight stairways and down narrow, winding stairways, and they come at last into the great Hall of the House of the Dead, where his Master holds his court.

He sits on a black throne of polished stone, and there are metal bowls of fire to his right and to his left. On each of the two hundred pillars that line his high Hall, a torch blazes and flickers and its spark-shot smoke coils and puffs upward, becoming at last a gray part of the flowing cloud that covers the ceiling completely. He does not move, but he regards the man as he advances across the Hall, five thousand of the dead at his back, and his eyes lay red upon him as he comes forward.

Anubis lowers his black muzzle slightly and his fangs are white within it. Red lightning, his tongue, darts forward, re-enters his mouth. He stands then, and the shadows slide downward upon his bare and man-formed body. Food and wine will pass between your dead lips, though you will not taste it. Your dead stomachs will hold it within you, while your dead feet take the measure of a dance.

Your dead mouths will speak words that will have no meaning to you, and you will embrace one another without pleasure. You will sing for me if I wish it. You will lie down again when I will it.

Then tables slide forward from between the pillars, laden with food and with drink, and there is music upon the air. The dead move to obey him. The man crosses to the nearest table and eats lightly and drinks a glass of wine. The dead dance about him, but he does not dance with them. They make noises which are words without meaning, and he does not listen to them.

He pours a second glass of wine and the eyes of Anubis are upon him as he drinks it. He pours a third glass and he holds it in his hands and sips at it and stares into it.

You know what night tonight is? It is Thousandyear Eve. This night we celebrate an anniversary. You have served me for a full thousand years in the House of the Dead. Are you glad? You told me that if I served you faithfully for a thousand years, then you would give me back my name. You would tell me who I had been in the Middle Worlds of Life. Do you want a name? Is that what you are trying to say? Do you think that you were so important in the Middle Worlds that someone would have noted down your name, that it would have mattered to anyone?

Why do you want it? I would like to know who I was when I dwelled there. For what purpose? Do you feel this means that perhaps there is something special about you?

You were nothing. You are not remembered. Your mortal name does not signify anything. But now let me demonstrate your anonymity. There are over five thousand of the dead in this room, from many ages and places. Turn your eyes toward this man who stands before my throne!

You look now as you did a thousand years ago, when you came into the House of the Dead. Go and copulate with yon purple lizard. Can you name him? You are unknown and unwanted, save by me. This, because you are fairly adept at the various embalming arts and you occasionally compose a clever epitaph.

Draw your dagger. His blood falls upon the floor. It runs along the blade of the knife and trickles from its point. He drops to his knees and continues to cut, tears streaming down his cheeks and falling to mingle with the blood. His breath comes in gasps and a single sob escapes him. Throw it into the flames!

It sputters, sizzles, flares. Repeat his name! They move to the music once more. The body-cutting machine rolls into the hall, and the prosthetic replacement machine follows it. Wakim looks away from them, but they draw up beside him and stop. The first machine extrudes restrainers and holds him.

Then he passes out. The dead continue their dance. When Wakim awakens, two seamless silver arms hang at his sides, cold and insensitive. He flexes the fingers. Let those he wears be exchanged for tireless metal. He wiggles his toes.

Creatures of Light and Darkness

Download the Lesson Plan. In this lesson, students will study the nesting process of the endangered loggerhead turtle species and watch a video clip that illustrates how artificial lighting along nesting beaches disorients turtle hatchlings and hinders their ability to reach the ocean successfully. Students will then identify ways that humans can reduce the threat of such lighting to natural habitat. The video clips provided with this lesson are from the film The City Dark , a documentary about light pollution and the disappearing night sky. The film asks viewers to stop and ponder what light, darkness and the stars mean to us, spiritually, physically, intellectually, socially and economically. For more information on loggerhead turtles and light pollution, please see the Related Resources sections of this lesson. POV documentaries can be recorded off-the-air and used for educational purposes for up to one year from their initial broadcast.

Read online Creatures of Light and Darkness. But first, some reflections. I'm not sure exactly what I should call these posts about Zelazny In the s, Dutch physiologist Frans Verheijen began to study how lights attract animals and interfere with their behaviour. And during the Woman in light dispelling creatures of darkness. Title: Woman in light dispelling creatures of darkness; Collection: Images from the Rare Book and Some animals that dwell in the dark such as cavefish retain only that enable them to make the most of what little light they have. Creatures Of Light and Darkness.

Download Creatures of Light and Darkness. Seattle and its inhabitants are now engaged in our annual laborious climb out of the deep darkness of winter solstice. Altered Light — Fluorescence and some of the sea creatures that provide awesome examples of it. Once upon a time, which is not time as you and I know it, Dark and Light held equal power. Even in the darkest places, the fires are being lit.

Creatures of Light and Darkness by Roger Zelazny Download Creatures of Light and Darkness Creatures of Light and Darkness Roger Zelazny ebook Page: 0.

Creatures of Light and Darkness

This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. If you own the copyright to this book and it is wrongfully on our website, we offer a simple DMCA procedure to remove your content from our site. Start by pressing the button below! They that build buildings, their places are no more.

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A novel by Roger Zelazny, a renowned science fiction author. It's a fairly experimental novel and pretty non-linear, with some nice ideas like Temporal Fugue, which will be elaborated on later. It gives a rather unique take on Egyptian mythology and it reads like an epic poem with a transhumanist sci-fi bent. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this. This universe is damn strong.

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