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The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models.

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What is Hadoop? Introduction, Architecture, Ecosystem, Components

Voice based services such as mobile banking, access to personal devices, and logging into soci Citation: Journal of Big Data 8 Content type: Research.

Published on: 2 March A mixed-method approach was used to analyse big data coming from Authors: Dorota Domalewska. Published on: 1 March The widespread influence of social media impacts every aspect of life, including the healthcare sector. Although medics and health professionals are the final decision makers, the advice and recommendations ob Authors: B. Published on: 27 February In the era of global-scale services, organisations produce huge volumes of data, often distributed across multiple data centres, separated by vast geographical distances.

While cluster computing applications, Content type: Survey Paper. Published on: 25 February Deep learning models are tools for data analysis suitable for approximating non-linear relationships among variables for the best prediction of an outcome.

While these models can be used to answer many importan Machine learning algorithms efficiently trained on intrusion detection datasets can detect network traffic capable of jeopardizing an information system. Authors: Joffrey L. Published on: 23 February A significant advancement that occurs during the data cleaning stage is estimating missing data. Studies have shown that improper data handling leads to inaccurate analysis. Furthermore, most studies indicate Value-Added Services at a Mobile Telecommunication company provide customers with a variety of services.

Value-added services generate significant revenue annually for telecommunication companies. Providing so Published on: 17 February Various recommender systems RSs have been developed over recent years, and many of them have concentrated on English content.

Thus, the majority of RSs from the literature were compared on English content. Maternal mortality is one of the socio-economic problems and widely considered a serious indicator of the quality of a health. Ethiopia is considered to be one of the top six sub-Saharan countries with severe Authors: Shibiru Jabessa and Dabala Jabessa.

Content type: Methodology. Published on: 15 February Over the past decade, recommendation systems have been one of the most sought after by various researchers. Optimizing quality trade-offs in an end-to-end big data science process is challenging, as not only do we need to deal with different types of software components, but also the domain knowledge has to be incor As the scale of datasets used for big data applications expands rapidly, there have been increased efforts to develop faster algorithms.

This paper addresses big data summarisation problems using the submodula Published on: 9 February RNA-Seq data are utilized for biological applications and decision making for the classification of genes. A lot of works in recent time are focused on reducing the dimension of RNA-Seq data. Dimensionality re Published on: 4 February Multi-dimensional arrays also known as raster data or gridded data play a key role in many, if not all science and engineering domains where they typically represent spatio-temporal sensor, image, simulation Published on: 2 February Any computer vision application development starts off by acquiring images and data, then preprocessing and pattern recognition steps to perform a task.

When the acquired images are highly imbalanced and not a Published on: 29 January Stemming has long been used in data pre-processing to retrieve information by tracking affixed words back into their root. In an Indonesian setting, existing stemming methods have been observed, and the existi Content type: Short Report. The aim of converting relational database into Ontology is to provide applications that are based on the semantic representation of the data.

Whereas, representing the data using ontologies has shown to be a u Published on: 28 January The leading approaches in Machine Learning are notoriously data-hungry.

Unfortunately, many application domains do not have access to big data because acquiring data involves a process that is expensive or tim Authors: Amina Adadi. Published on: 26 January Some of the variants detected by high-throughput sequencing HTS are often not reproducible. To minimize the technical-induced artifacts, secondary experimental validation is required but this step is unneces Weighted finite-state transducers have been shown to be a general and efficient representation in many applications such as text and speech processing, computational biology, and machine learning.

The composit Published on: 22 January The MapReduce programming paradigm is frequently used in order to process and analyse a huge amount of data. This paradigm relies on the ability to apply the same operation in parallel on independent chunks of Published on: 19 January The stability of the economy and political system of any country highly depends on the policy of anti-money laundering AML. If government policies are incapable of handling money laundering activities in an Published on: 14 January The Dimensionality Curse is one of the most critical issues that are hindering faster evolution in several fields broadly, and in bioinformatics distinctively.

To counter this curse, a conglomerate solution is Nikolov, Azeddine Zahi and Said Najah. Published on: 13 January Authors: Connor Shorten, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar and Borko Furht. Published on: 11 January The stock market is very unstable and volatile due to several factors such as public sentiments, economic factors and more. Several Petabytes volumes of data are generated every second from different sources, Published on: 9 January The demand for computational resources is steadily increasing in experimental high energy physics as the current collider experiments continue to accumulate huge amounts of data and physicists indulge in more Published on: 7 January It is evident that developing more accurate forecasting methods is the pillar of building robust multi-energy systems MES.

In this context, long-term forecasting is also indispensable to have a robust expans Authors: Zohreh Kaheh and Morteza Shabanzadeh. Recent developments of portable sensor devices, cloud computing, and machine learning algorithms have led to the emergence of big data analytics in healthcare.

The condition of the human body, e. With recent developments in ICT, the interest in using large amounts of accumulated data for traffic policy planning has increased significantly. In recent years, data polishing has been proposed as a new meth The problem in question is the limited use of heart rate HR as the prediction feature through t Usually, medi Authors: Salem Alelyani. Halal Supply Chain Management requires an assurance that the entire process of procurement, distribution, handling, and processing materials, spare parts, livestock, work-in-process, or finished inventory to b Published on: 6 January Knowing customer reviewing action better can l Authors: Athor Subroto and Marcel Christianis.

Record linkage is the process of finding matches and linking records from different data sources so that the linked records belong to the same entity. There is an increasing number of applications of record li With the trend toward the use of large-scale vehicle probe data, an urban-scale analysis can now provide useful information for taxi drivers and passengers.

Unfortunately, traffic congestion has become a criti

Hadoop Application Architectures by

At its core, Hadoop is a distributed data store that provides a platform for implementing powerful parallel processing frameworks. The reliability of this data store when it comes to storing massive volumes of data, coupled with its flexibility in running multiple processing frameworks makes it an ideal choice for your data hub. This characteristic of Hadoop means that you can store any type of data as is, without placing any constraints on how that data is processed. A common term one hears in the context of Hadoop is Schema-on-Read. This simply refers to the fact that raw, unprocessed data can be loaded into Hadoop, with the structure imposed at processing time based on the requirements of the processing application. This is different from Schema-on-Write , which is generally used with traditional data management systems. Such systems require the schema of the data store to be defined before the data can be loaded.

MapReduce is a programming model and an associated implementation for processing and generating big data sets with a parallel , distributed algorithm on a cluster. A MapReduce program is composed of a map procedure , which performs filtering and sorting such as sorting students by first name into queues, one queue for each name , and a reduce method, which performs a summary operation such as counting the number of students in each queue, yielding name frequencies. The "MapReduce System" also called "infrastructure" or "framework" orchestrates the processing by marshalling the distributed servers, running the various tasks in parallel, managing all communications and data transfers between the various parts of the system, and providing for redundancy and fault tolerance. The model is a specialization of the split-apply-combine strategy for data analysis. As such, a single-threaded implementation of MapReduce is usually not faster than a traditional non-MapReduce implementation; any gains are usually only seen with multi-threaded implementations on multi-processor hardware. Optimizing the communication cost is essential to a good MapReduce algorithm.

What is Data Processing?

Apache Hadoop is an open source software framework used to develop data processing applications which are executed in a distributed computing environment. Commodity computers are cheap and widely available. These are mainly useful for achieving greater computational power at low cost.

With proper and effective use of Hadoop, you can build new-improved models, and based on that you will be able to make the right decisions. The first module, Hadoop beginners Guide will walk you through on understanding Hadoop with very detailed instructions and how to go about using it. The second module, Hadoop Real World Solutions Cookbook, 2nd edition, is an essential tutorial to effectively implement a big data warehouse in your business, where you get detailed practices on the latest technologies such as YARN and Spark.

Learning Deep Architectures for AI

Data processing is the collecting and manipulation of data into the usable and desired form. The manipulation is nothing but processing, which is carried either manually or automatically in a predefined sequence of operations. The next point is converting to the desired form, the collected data is processed and converted to the desired form according to the application requirements, that means converting the data into useful information which could use in the application to perform some task. The Input of the processing is the collection of data from different sources like text file data, excel file data, database, even unstructured data like images, audio clips, video clips, GPRS data, and so on. And the output of the data processing is meaningful information that could be in different forms like a table, image, charts, graph, vector file, audio and so all format obtained depending on the application or software required.

Handbook of Big Data Technologies

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Big data processing with Hadoop

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